An interesting observation regarding centipede intelligence


Mar 2, 2016
If you've seen my thread Scolopendra morsitans pics, then you'll know that I photographed my pedes by putting a container over them and waiting for them to stand still. However, the drawback with this method is the high possibility of jamming one of the pede's many appendages when placing the container over it; my morsitans has a bruised antenna because of that. So, I instead used another container that had two holes in the side, as well as several for drainage on the bottom. I could then place it upside-down on a piece of paper for photography, and put the pede in through one of the side holes (the bottom [now the top]) holes being too small to get the pede to walk into of its own accord. I sealed one of the side holes with paper, as that would've been an easy escape route. The other one, through which I put the pede, I blocked with my hand after it was inside. Bear in mind, the small holes weare just large enough for the pede to squeeze through if it really wanted. So the first couple of attempts it works well. Then, the pede used the part of my hand that was blocking the hole to reach the ceiling, and discovered the nearest hole, which it squeezed out of. Every later attempt, the pede would head straight to that location.

Just thought I'd share this with you guys - I found it quite interesting personally.


Jul 16, 2016
If you don't do that for multiple days and then try again, would it still remember? That would be pretty awesome.