American Toad Questions


Feb 22, 2014
I Was thinking of trying toads. Some of the toads that are avalible in the area are American Toads. As a newb in amphibians, I would love some info on them to get into more toads. First, how is the humidity? I heard they don't need excessive amounts for a toad, so I figure a big water dish to soak, restricted ventilation, and a thorough mist a day would work. Also, are they communal? I hear mixed opinions about this, so I thought to make sure. Also, how much do I feed them? I know they need a lot of food, but how much and how often is it?

Thanks, Abyss


Grammostola Groupie
Mar 12, 2016
I have limited knowledge. I took in an adult one year who I found on my driveway really late in the fall. I was afraid that they would not make it into hibernation in time. I kept them over the winter and released them in the spring.
They drink through the backs of their legs, so they don't require a huge amount of moisture, just somewhere where they can soak. When they are scared - they release those water reserves. People mistake that for being urinated on.
They want to burrow in soft substrate all day and are nocturnal. Never give distilled water because they need the minerals in water. They might benefit from some sort of light, but I didn't use one because I wasn't keeping them long term.
They are voracious eaters and were very challenging to keep up with. I believe they might cannibalize each other and only same sized individuals can be kept together with enough space and food.
They can have extremely long lives, especially in captivity, so they are a commitment to be taken seriously.


Aug 12, 2016
I know I'm a little late to the party here but Bufo Americanas are the best, just give them a ton of substrate for them to dig. Also, they are one of the amphibians that likes having 'decorative' plants because they are ambush predators and prefer concealment. dream_e80cf1cc43.jpg