Aggressive dog?


Old Timer
Mar 12, 2007

I have a one year old chocolate lab named Burrito, and she is the greatest dog ever.....except for one thing.

When I got her, I taught her to bark when someone was coming up to the house (I am home alone a good bit)....which was good. But recently, she started barking and growling at neighbors, people who are in the park, etc.

Does anyone have good advice to stop this beginning aggression before someone gets hurt?


Old Timer
Aug 15, 2002
Sounds like it's time for doggy boot camp, meaning that the dog has to earn everything it wants from you by exemplary behavior. My bouvier turned a little mean after my ex had him for a year while I was securing a place to live and he's too big to be mean so he had to sit-stay and down-stay for everything for the first few weeks I had him back. No petting, no play, no meals or treats unless he was sharp in his commands; it sounds harsh but it will put your dog back at the bottom of the pack where you can correct the aggressive behavior.

Oh, and if there's anyone in the household who is less dominant in the dog's eyes than you, have them be the source of all food and most of the positive treatment to push the dog further down on the pack rung.

Google "canine aggression" for several training websites that can give you step-by-step info on how to curb your dog's behavior.