AGB tank overrun with babies! ^_^ How to separate?


Sep 8, 2005
Last summer I acquired three AGB, a breeding pair + a free additional female. After many breeding sessions, the babies have finally been showing up the past couple months! Some are still very small (1 inch) while others are 2-3 inches. They hang out in the dirt most of the time, but at night if theres a good deal of greens out, I've seen up to 10 or so out at once. I suspect there are quite a bit more under there, especially since it seems there are a few different size groups.

They are in a 10 gallon tank - obviously I'm going to need to start separating these. Space unfortunately is an issue, otherwise I'd have a huge long tank for all of them. {D Would it be best to set up another tank and transfer the three adults and let the babies take over the original enclosure? (until they get bigger at least - at which point I'm going to need to give away and sell some I think.) Do these parents do any baby/egg care or are particularly attached to their homes/tunnels, and so moving them would be detrimental? Or would they just go on about their business in the new tank like nothing happened? LOL.

Any suggestions on handing the baby explosion would be great!

Babies (notice the tiny whitish one on the bottom left below the greens):



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Dec 6, 2006
I think moving the parents out would be a better solution then attempting to dig out all the little ones.
The other solution would be to get a cardboard box, slap my address on it......well you know the rest :D

Very kewl though, I have had no luck on offspring from any of my species of pedes as of yet...........:confused: although I sure have my fungus gnat breeding down to a science :wall:

P. Novak

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Sep 12, 2005
Congrats with the babies, I read alot of posts where people are having difficulty breeding this species, and it definately seems like you have done it. Good job! I think you would be able to leave the parents and babies together wouldn't you?

Oh, but I see that you wanna seperate, well I would move the adults, transfering the babies would be a big hassle.