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[Warning] ADMIN WARNING: Pat Kane (2013/2014 associated with Spider Showcase)

Discussion in 'Seller/Buyer/Shop Inquiries/Warnings' started by reptilia2000, May 13, 2004.

  1. brigebane

    brigebane Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Our store had a deal with Mr. Kane more than a year ago. I wasn't able to personally see the spiderlings that came in but more than six months later I'm having L. parahybana and C. brachycephalaus juvies being returned because they were purchased as T. blondi! again Mr. Kane's legacy lives on.
    On another note, I find it deplorable that you have the audacity to show pictures of you flashing stolen cash from some of the deals that we hear reported here. For the sake of the hobby and other reputable dealers I hope you never decide to sell again.
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  2. FYI,

    That is not "stolen cash", that is money that was money won fair and square in my trip to Las Vegas in May of 2005.

    Kane Zoological is out of business and closed.

    The post was made to give the general public an update of my well being.


    Pat Kane
  3. kellygirl

    kellygirl Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Gotta have something to bet with first.... :rolleyes:

    Anyways, posts made for the sole purpose of updating others on one's personal life usually go in The Watering Hole. But maybe your post is right on topic for this thread anyways.

    Now enough of the snide, in-your-face posts. You know good and well that your intent was not to post an "update" for us to "enjoy." If you are not going to make any actual, truthful, sincere reference to what you have done to harm this hobby then maybe you should go find some new friends to play with. You are out of friends here and you know it.

  4. MRL

    MRL Arachnolord Old Timer

    The money people sent you for goods never received was earned fair and square and likely contributed to your current "wealth". I find it funny you felt the need to show off your car, supposed life style and all else in a place populated by people that could not careless except for maybe those that did get scammed. If it were me, that could only add more motivation to do what's necessary to put you in jail which from what I can see is very possible given the overwhelming amount of data proving your scams. All I see as a very obnoxious person that tries way too hard to impress. ;)

    PS:Today's date is 3/13/06
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  5. Beardo

    Beardo Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I know that Pat Kane was a scammer, but I thought he was a 15 or 16 year old kid? If he is older, why has nobody brought action against him....surely if he has ripped off as many people as I have heard someone out there must be eager to see him brought to justice.
  6. Well at the time that these alleged scams occured that supposudly involved me happened, I was 15 or 16 years old, it's been a couple of years since...I guess you know the saying, "time fly's when your having fun".

    As far as people claiming I am a scammer, I don't know where this could come from people say my IP address was used to make the posts on the website, it was in a public storefront many people had access to the computer. Also no one can tie any financial records to me, cashed checks, money orders, etc. None of which lead directly to me. Also many people do not realize this it is not illegal to use an Alias.

    As far as me ever getting back into the trade again, who knows what lies ahead in the future. Industries and the people in them do change, I can not lie and say I do not miss the invertebrate business, I still to this day know 100's of species of tarantulas through and through, I still remember all the importers/exporters and customers of mine's phone numbers. It is a terrible waste of a vast amount of knowledge and I can not imagine that I will not put it back to use at some point in my life. As of now, I once again own my own business, a small marketing company, of which I will not disclose the specifics as I do not want to be flooded with telephone calls all day at my office.

    There are things that no one will ever understand about what happened at the end of Kane Zoological. There are several reasons that Kane Zoological, went down, some including lifestyle habits, some included a break-in which is documented by the East Providence, RI, police department, and is documented with over $7500 in items being stolen, as well as my accounting records that were in one of the computers that were stolen. However the main influence on the failure of Kane Zoological's business plan was that many dealers ganged up on me, decided to do business with me, order large shipments from me pay for the first few shipments, and then place much larger orders and never pay. Dealers don't pay up front, they pay after they recieve goods, usually on a 30 / 60 day net even. there's over $35,000 owed to me in the invertebrate trade, far more than anyone ever lost at the end of Kane Zoological. That is the reason why I am so bitter and refuse give back to a business that did nothing but from square one try and eradicate me from the trade. I urge those who weren't involved in the trade many years ago to ask people who were, they will explain to you that I was not always a ''bad guy'', in fact I was the only dealer in the business that went in and simply doubled my price on whatever I had (say I bought T.blondi slings for $15.00, I sold them for $30 / $35), dealers in the trade did not like that because they are used to charging 4 times sometimes 5 times what they pay for inventory (ex. same $15.00 T.blondi , they would sell for $60/$65/$70). That's an absurd mark-up, so yes was what happened around the end of Kane Zoological terrible, yes very much so, but I don't think everyone's beloved US dealers are all that much better than me. They just do it in a way that is so widely praticed that it has become accepted as industry standard.

    I know everyone won't understand, or accept the above message, however I felt it was necessary to say. What happened to everyone is a terrible thing, really is, however I am still bitter at the entire industry for what they did to me.

    Sincerely, Take care of yourselves, and I feel terrible that so many nice people such as yourselves were involved in what seems to be the worst heist in the invertebrate trade ever.

    -Pat Kane
  7. edesign

    edesign AB FB Group Moderatr Old Timer

    awww...did the poor baby break his car??? Who cares, nobody is concerned about your physical wellbeing...i think they're more worried about THEIR financial loss'? :wall: Ah well, at least everyone gets to know what you look like so they can either A) avoid you if they see you or B) reimburse themselves through more physical means.

    ditto...i thought this was an inquiries/warnings forum...not the "hi, how am I?" forum :D

    on a side note...how many people actually filed complaints through the agencies at the beginning of this thread as the original poster pleaded? Just curious...i've noticed this a lot on car audio forums too, people get screwed by online deals and they complain and moan but do nothing beyond that. Sad but true.
  8. edesign

    edesign AB FB Group Moderatr Old Timer

    first rule of business...ESPECIALLY in accounting departments, always back up, very unintelligent to not do so.

    oh...you mean like every other industry operates? Where I work it is common practice that nobody owes anything for 30 days...and sometimes things don't get paid for 60+ days. There are slight penalties for the 60-90+ day thing (usually 1-3%) and if late enough often enough some companies will put your account on hold. So you sold all these slings worth $35,000 (well, half that according to you...$17,500) to various dealers in the US and none paid you back...but somehow you never took legal action??? :liar: :? That makes...um...zero sense. :) Or were these perhaps a bunch of the mis-ID'd T's that you sold to various people/dealers and refused to make good on?

    oh...you AGAIN mean like every other business industry in the US? If a new company comes in selling way below industry standard do you think their competitors let it slide? Nope...not at all, they do what they can to take that business out (if it is an unregulated industry anyway). I don't know if these other dealers really did that...i can't comment on that. But again, why no legal action? Oh wait...your accounting records were on a computer that was stolen that you had no backups for :rolleyes: I guess it would be hard to prove it without that...

    I know...terrible, they're still screwed out of $ and the correct T species...and you're posting pictures of your vehicles and money. It's so terrible...we all feel deeply sorry for you.

    Worst heist...lol, it's ok...we know you had nothing to do with anything, you're innocent :) Feel free to come back to the invert trade anytime...I'm more than sure plenty of people would be happy to run you back out again :D
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  9. MRL

    MRL Arachnolord Old Timer

    I am no lawyer but you are extremely uneducated and lacking much knowledge that even basic business course would cover. Take care of yourself and don't feel so great about pulling off the worst heist in the invertebrate trade that ever was because in all likelyhood it will be the begining of your demise. After all, this was just 5-6 years ago.
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  10. In response to E-Designs Post,

    It's extremely difficult to have legal action taken on a company that is simply late on a payment. My options were essentially to HIRE a collection agency, they wouldn't even take the accounts I had on a contingency basis because most of the companies were in such poor standings with other creditors they realized they had slim - no chance of recooping the debt, so in other words in order to hire a collection agency to try and collect the debt, I'd have to pay them 15% of what they owe me up front to have little or no chance of getting the money back. I even have checks that were bounced to me by companies and because of over-state-lines laws etc etc, they amounts were never big enough to get the law involved. If your in your state, and bounce a check for $5.00 the cops could get involved, because over state lines it becomes federal the offense must be in excess of $5000.00 in one single check, therefore none of the checks could apply.

    I tried to collect the debt, it didn't work, and that's that.

    Hope you've enjoyed my public update to the community.
  11. edesign

    edesign AB FB Group Moderatr Old Timer

    the attorney general of the involved states had nothing to say?
  12. Swifty

    Swifty Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Pat, you must have 10 lb. balls. I just want to say, your take on dealers and their pricing is very exagerated. I can't wait for the other dealers to speak out, but I owed Pat, nothing, because after the few months he was in business, I cut all buying from him, ever back when he was"Frights Invertebrates". I know his claims about other dealers is total Bull. After seeing now how many people are getting L. parahybana spiders when they ordered B. smithi, B. klaasi, B. ruhnaui, T. blondi, or any other spiderling he could fool you with, I'm glad I went with my gut.
    Pat, I'm sorry but your NEVER going to be allowed in this hobby. Not as long as I'm here to enlighten any new comers. Can't wait to see how your new "adventure" works out! I'm just waiting for those great photos of you on all fours spitting teeth.
  13. Botar

    Botar Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I owe Pat $0 too. In fact, my last dealings with Pat were getting money back I'd paid up front for stock that was never delivered. I also had a few G. pulchra that turned out to be G. aureostriata thanks to Pat. Fortunately for me, I had not sold any as I'd already been warned about what was going on. I kept an open mind about Pat until I experienced it for myself.

    In regards to the questions about following up and filing claims, for the most part you're pissing in the wind. I spent 17 years in law enforcement and unless there is some major money on the line, most likely nothing will happen. I suspect that is what Pat is counting on as well.

  14. MRL

    MRL Arachnolord Old Timer

    I don't know if any of this is true, perhaps someone can confirm? Not important but here's some irony. If anyone has any unethical or fraudlant activity to report. I'm sure Pat's current place of business would be more than willing to look into it.

  15. Tony

    Tony Arachno-pragmatarian Old Timer

    Yea, brachys that turned out to be parahybana (most likely my parahybana)...Mis-id'ed pokies.....on and on n on....Still $490 will be collected some day,some way.....
    Still he likes to call and chit chat these days, but This kinda thing is ridiculous really.
    I mean cmon, youve admitted in many outlets you were Mike Mcnulty and Chris Zora and Robert Lambskein (which aliases am I forgetting) . Also you said those people acted with you to cash those MO's and they got 50%. So what if the Art's and Stanton's ripped you off, dipping into the pockets of the hobby to keep afloat is pathetic....

    ______ 100th
    Tony :mad:
    monantony 2 (9:25:36 PM): so how much do you owe people?
    monantony 2 (9:25:44 PM): did you ever stop to figure it out?
    kanepatkane (9:25:49 PM): sort of
    kanepatkane (9:26:04 PM): i dnno my parents were like we'll take some of the profit to give you to fixwhat you owe
    kanepatkane (9:26:08 PM): and so you can get back in the business
    kanepatkane (9:26:13 PM): i was like unless you wnat to give me 100k
    kanepatkane (9:26:18 PM): i dont think we can doo to much
    monantony 2 (9:26:21 PM): 100k???
    kanepatkane (9:26:25 PM): its up there dude
    monantony 2 (9:26:29 PM): cmon
    kanepatkane (9:26:34 PM): there are animal wholesalers that are screwed thousands
    kanepatkane (9:26:42 PM): like i can count 10 suppliers that i owe over 2000 to
    kanepatkane (9:26:50 PM): i dont thin i owe 100k
    kanepatkane (9:26:54 PM): maybe 40/50 though
    kanepatkane (9:26:56 PM): alot not like 10
    kanepatkane (9:26:57 PM): not like 20
    kanepatkane (9:27:01 PM): like 30's-40's
    kanepatkane (9:27:03 PM): i dont evne know

    I think this thread should end, lest I get tempted to post the log containing work #'s and addresses ( Rules not withstanding).

    Let the hobby go Pat--LET US GO...A normal nice person would have made a $30 a week attempt to help people out.....
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  16. David Richards

    David Richards Arachnoknight Old Timer


    I believe every post about you, except the ones you write, that is. Your cheesy attempt to smooze anyone that might not know what you are isn't going to work. That is by far the most obvious cry for attention I have ever seen. At least a few years ago you could blame something like this on being a little brat, now it is just a bad purple silk shirt and a car that you probably borrowed from a cheap used car lot for the photo. Use some of that money on a new wardrobe, PLEASE!!!!! Keep us updated so we can keep laughing;P ;P ;P :wicked: {D {D
  17. edesign

    edesign AB FB Group Moderatr Old Timer

    now HEY! I have it on good authority that he bought that car from a rent-to-own dealer chain :D

    btw...how do you have two VP's of the exact same department??? Or is one of them fake? ;P

    any particular reason you PM'd me about the attorney generals instead of posting it here? if it was so others wouldn't be able to argue it I would almost commend your tactics...nothing surprising though.
  18. Principal Financial is not my company, you've found someone with the same name, I wonder if he looks as good as me in a tommy bahama silk shirt (I'm just joking I know i've been getting a little fat lately)? We don't have a website yet, we aren't a company that really needs an internet presence although we are having a website designed right now, it's an unnecessary aspect of the company. I'll update this threat with updates periodically, but for now, it's time to let you guys settle down for a year or so, before I go and get everyone all excited again. Take Care -- Pat Kane
  19. MicahHall

    MicahHall Arachnosquire

    Sadly enough, the answer to the over state line comment is a negative ghostrider. I recently had someone arrested for bouncing a check to my wifes business. They lived three states away, the check was in the amount of three hundred plus dollars.. I called there local police department and made a statement that was faxed from here in my own town. They were arrested two days later, and interestingly enough.. she got a money order the following week.
    Secondly and even more fun.. to show what a small world it is.. I was visiting family in Mass and went down to your store in Providence at your invitation. Your selection was pathetic, your tiny store was dirty, and there were kids everywhere. You were a kid trying to make some fast cash, and it seems you did.. at everyone else's expense. For you to post the pictures that you did is actually quite amusing.. you get credit for having balls of steel, especially considering that you are so very well liked here :mad: The Mr.Hall
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  20. Satanika

    Satanika She Who Rules AKA Thread Killer Staff Member

    Oh dear, what have we here ..... <sniff ... sniff .... smell that?> I do believe my old dear friend :rolleyes: is trolling. Shame on you Pat. :shame:

    What everyone needs to do is to STOP REPLYING to Pat. That is what he wants. He thrives on the drama. His current life must be a total bore for him to come back here and troll. :wall:

    Times have changed, Pat has NOT (and he never will). He is banned from this site permanently, by moi. ;P :clap:

    I know you are reading this Pat. So if you care to discuss this ban further, you know how to contact me. Oh, and while you're at it, you can bring the money that you owe me too ..... :rolleyes:

    Don't feed the troll! :evil:
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