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[Warning] ADMIN WARNING: Pat Kane (2013/2014 associated with Spider Showcase)

Discussion in 'Seller/Buyer/Shop Inquiries/Warnings' started by reptilia2000, May 13, 2004.

  1. reptilia2000

    reptilia2000 Arachnopeon

    :mad: Please contact the following officials and file a complaint. They think I am a single individual that had a misfortunate deal. Rhode Island and Mass. FBI:617-742-5533, State Division of Agriculture: 401-222-2781 (Pat told me he opened a store front to sell to the public, and this state division office has warned him about not being licensed to do it), East Providence Police dept.: 401-435-7600 and several people gave me this number to contact his parents because I had just found out he's a minor: <edited>. If you call the Federal Trade Commission at 1-800-876-7060 and file a complaint it would be helpful to everyone as they cannot investigate until a pattern of alleged criminal behavior can be seen.

    Please follow through so that no one else gets burned by Pat Kane!!!!!!!!!

    I will help with whatever I can, please keep me posted.

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  2. wulf04

    wulf04 Arachnopeon

    Pat Kane

    Well I just called <edited> Pat answered the phone and hung up as soon as I said hello.Called back 3 times his mother picked up the third time and said I had the wrong number.Of course I told her I just spoke to him and just got into detail about what I thought about herself and her son befor she hung up.Well 10 calls later they are simply picking up the phone and slamming it down on the receiver.So I would urge everyone on here to call him every chance you get and make his life hell.It would appear he has ripped many people off other than me.I was informed by the post office that I can contact the East Providince Police Dept and file mail fraud charges because I sent him a Postal money order and did not receive anything.I will call EP police friday and let everyone know what happens.
    In the mean time if someone lives close to him maybe you could track him down and kick some sense into him friday.
    Anyone who calls and gets a response please let me know.
    David Stephenson
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  3. Phillip

    Phillip Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Try contacting Ray Hunter in Florida. He may be of some help to you as he had an incident with PK not too long back.

  4. Deliverme314

    Deliverme314 Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Ummmm big no no giving someones personal phone number. You will want to edit that and take it out or a mod will close this I am sure.
  5. Garrick

    Garrick Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Find contact info for Ray Hunter here:

  6. reptilia2000

    reptilia2000 Arachnopeon

    URGENT! Pat Kane, Kane Zoological

    :mad: URGENT! Pat Kane, Kane Zoological
    I have done research and made contact with several State and Federal agencies. It is VERY IMPORTANT that everyone makes a separate complaint!!!

    If everyone contacts the listed agencies they will do something! I spoke with Chris Markie at the MA District Attorny's office at 508-997-6333 and he is speaking with the MA DA to see how we can all go about this and if they can assist. I cannot be the single voice making noise. You all said he needs to be out of the business, and that he gives you all a "bad name".

    This is your chance to do something and keep others from losing money, animals, and their sanity.


    Rhode Island and Mass. FBI:617-742-5533, State Division of Agriculture: 401-222-2781 (Pat told me he opened a store front to sell to the public, and this state division office has warned him about not being licensed to do it), East Providence Police dept.: 401-435-7600. If you call the Federal Trade Commission at 1-800-876-7060 and file a complaint it would be helpful to everyone, as they cannot investigate until a pattern of alleged criminal behavior can be seen.
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  7. kellygirl

    kellygirl Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I found the public number (posted by Pat himself) for Kane Zoological on this site. See the following thread for the number: http://arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?t=20986. Please notice how he tried to pretend like he was one of the victims. Sick.

    I just left a nice little message for him on his voicemail and I suggest you all do so as well. We HAVE to get this guy for the sake of the hobby. We don't deserve this and we shouldn't have to feel paranoid when trading and selling among hobbyists.

    Scott & the Mods, I think there should be a site-wide email sent out warning people about purchasing from unknown hobbyists from the Rhode Island/Massachusetts area for the time being until we have cracked down on this. The email could also include info on what to do if someone thinks he/she has been had by Pat Kane.

    How many more of us will he dupe before he goes down? Look up how close the cities of all of the recent New England scammers are! It's all piecing together here... if you do the research, check out MapQuest, search on Anywho, you'll see. Here's what I found:

    Pat Kane (East Providence, RI)

    Mike McNulty (Bridgewater, MA)
    37.98 miles from East Providence, RI

    Chris Zorra (New Bedford, MA)
    28.53 miles from East Providence, RI

    Robert Lambskein/Scott Robbins (Seekonk, MA)
    1.89 miles from East Providence, RI

    I'm so angry right now. :mad:


    EVERYONE READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD: http://www.faunaclassifieds.com/for...&perpage=5&highlight=Chris Zorra&pagenumber=1

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  8. Orb Weavers

    Orb Weavers Guest

    I too have had a bad deal with Pat, and almost with R. lambskein. I think we have enough people here with bad deals that we should lease a bus and head out there for an old fashion lynching. Hang em high.
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  9. Garrick

    Garrick Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I haven't experienced the full-blown fraud of Pat Kane, only mis-sexed spiders, disorganization, and misrepresentation.
    I had an order placed w/ Regal through him for some breeders, and they were ALL the opposite sex from what I requested.
    I had sold several hundred s'lings to Regal around that time and they always paid promptly, so I figured it was Pat that made sure I was paid and the gross mis-sexing was a slip up. In fact, I actually defended him at the time when Phillip received a poorly-packed order from him and pointed it out on Petbugs.com.
    Anyway, when I tried to get it fixed, I had trouble getting a reply until I contacted Shawn, owner of Regal.
    There was supposed to be a replacement sent, but Pat killed it when he tried to pack it (he did send photos to verify the fiasco), so other arrangements were made.
    A couple years later, I was to meet Pat in Daytona and acquire some breeders. He "forgot" to bring the males. Shortly after calling him upon his return to New England about shipping the males, he waffled. Within 24 hours, I was contacted by two individuals via e-mail who bought wholesale from Kane and then promptly established a web-presence. They were new in the business and suddenly both had these very same hard-to-come-by males and both wanted more than market value.
    After that, I just figured Patrick was a flake and chose to steer clear of him and anyone in his newly-emerging "wholesale club". It seemed like he was going to ship what he had (or MAYBE had) to whomever got the highest price out of me. I wasn't going to have the spiders sent needlessly around the country, nor was I going to pay the inherent pointless markup, and left it alone.
    Based on that, the recent slew of misrepresentation and fake names doesn't surprise me.

    In that regard, I know CM advised against a "Lambskein"/Pat Kane connection, but, as Kelly points out, it's undeniable.
    I won't give out addresses/phone numbers that have been removed, but what Kelly was showing with mileage is even scarier. The addresses people were sending money to for "Lambskein", Hoss, "Zorra", "McNulty", "Robbins", and Kane are a LOT closer together than what Kelly said.
    Taunton Ave. is actually Hwy 44. Seekonk and East Providence are practically the same town, and Taunton is "main st". All the addresses are from the same neighborhood around Firefly Country Club, which is Pat's stomping ground. The furthest one away is the Hoss house, which is a whopping 2 miles up the road.

    To have this much fraud concerning tarantulas centering on a single neighborhood isn't wisely ignored, and perhaps a warning sticky pointing out the fake names and especially the locale would be helpful.

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  10. Tony

    Tony Arachno-pragmatarian Old Timer

    I posted details of my conversation with Pat from Saturday in the Mcnulty thread......
    Hoss and robbins, players in the lambskein fiasco? He denied that one.
    Created Zora and Mcnulty to pay off an immediate bounced check or something. Like that makes it ok. PAT BETTER TAKE ALL HIS LITTLE MINIMUM WAGE EARNINGS AND PAY EVERYONE BACK
  11. averagebehr

    averagebehr Arachnosquire Old Timer

    ;P :? Just a heads up Mr kane has a interesting post up at petbugs.com that shows his new company PETADVANTAGE.com might wanna check it out
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  12. Anyone have any updates on this matter?
  13. Ker

    Ker Arachnoknight

    In the past three weeks, I have had several conversations with Pat about the purchasing of T's. It was the Petbugs ad that I first saw him in.. and that I recently saw him in again. I have dealt with him before, so there is NO QUESTION that this is indeed him in the Petbugs forum.
  14. Tony

    Tony Arachno-pragmatarian Old Timer

    Have you talked to him by phone, and have there been any emails...Did he post as's for inverts as "Pat Kane" or someone else you only suspect him of posing as... Since he Owes alot of people money, I would want to know wahts going on...Apparently he cannot post here in response, but rather for some bizarre reason has sent PM's off to other people here. Did you get one of his PM's?
  15. Ker

    Ker Arachnoknight

    Hopefully I wont get in too much trouble for this.. but here goes.. This is the private message I got from him today after posting what I did earlier :



    Excuse me?!?!

    I have not had any new 'issues' or any dealings with invertebrates in months....the last thing that happened was the pet advantage post on petbugs.com very long ago.


    email me kanezoological@comcast.net

    I didn't even have internet 3 weeks ago.

    What are you tyring to stir up....your just a little chatter box I think...
    Kane Zoological, Inc.
    President: Pat Kane

    Now.. back to the info.. Pat is indeed posting on Petbugs.. regardless of what he claims to the contrary. Wulvie and I are always looking for new dealers in the New England area, and when I came across an ad that looked interesting, I figured I would give it a shot.
    To back track a bit, I have dealt with Pat in the past. He knew me from the aol screen name that I use now. At that time, we corresponded via email several times, made arrangements for me to go to his "shop" in Rhode Island, and discussed what I was looking for and how much he was asking for them. To make a long story short, when I got to his shop, he claimed that he had never heard of me before, and then proceded to tell me that none of the t's I had gone there to purchase were actually anything that he had in stock. So basically I had driven an hour for nothing. Well, to salvage the trip, I bought a couple of t's from him. He might have had a total of 50 t's in the shop, and that is being generous.. nothing of any interest to most, and nothing bigger than three inches.
    Flash to a few weeks ago. Because Mr. Kane is like a chameleon, and seems to become different dealers at will, I sent an email in response to the Petbugs ad using an email that I rarely use, and then used my roomies name. He sent me a price list, and then again offered to let me come to his shop. As soon as I realized who it was, the interest in even traveling that far to see his "invisible stock" was gone. Needless to say.. the emails that he sent to me WERE signed by him. There is zero doubt in my mind, and regardless of the vehement denial by him.. he knows it as well...I have tried to call the number that he supplied me with, and as usual, there is no answer. His dealings are shady, and that is really too bad, because he severely damages the chances of new dealers becoming successful in the New England tri-state area- too many people have been burned and they wont know if its Him or its someone who is legit.

    Thanks for letting me babble.. hopefully I wont be getting a time out now !!
  16. Wolvie56X

    Wolvie56X Arachnobaron Old Timer

    ill vogue for her, i was with her through every step of the way on this deal, was even going to go with her to get the stuff she wanted from him, cause she didnt trust the snake

    now after this post hes sending her hate mail from his business email, go figure

    so here we are, everyone just be extremely cautious about any dealers in the lower new england area, ask questions and be cautious, this lil snake has made it real difficult on the trade lately
  17. Tony

    Tony Arachno-pragmatarian Old Timer

    An odd update...Pat has been in AIM contact with me recently,again..No he hasnt got any money....He called as well (he remembered Art's phone # and Bill Korineks # - or he has them in his wallet)

    Seems he wrecked his MERCEDES (got a pic somewhere) then he wrecked the rental...
    Injured and apparently broke,he was too young to legally rent the rental so his insurance balked.
    It seems like I will have to become buddhist because this reeks heavily of Karma
    I figured affected parties would enjoy this.......
  18. 03/16/06 Update From Pat Kane

    Figured I'd give everyone who's so concerned with my personal business an update.

    Yes I was involved in two car accidents recently.

    The first one was not my fault, truck driver cut accross 4 lanes of traffic and did not allow me enough time to cross / brake to prevent a collision, his insurance company has accepted 100% fault. My Mercedes-Benz C280 has severe front end damage, however was driven home from the accident as no fluids were leaking and mechanically the vehicle was operational. Aproximate damage is $4500-$5600.

    The second accident involved a rental Ford Taurus, which belonged to my lawyers rental company. I hit black ice and went off the road way into a tree, the vechile's damage was severe, car was totalled. However the vehicle belonged to my lawyer, who did not report the accident so no charges were brought against me. I did however break my hand and was in a cast for 6 weeks it has since been taken off.

    Since I am sure that everyone on here would love to know that I have since purchased a new vehicle, a 1999 BMW 740IL.

    I am currently attending physical therapy daily for the initial accident and have a case pending against the truck driver.

    For everyones viewing enjoyment I've attached pictures of the c280 after the accident, the new car, a picture of me at my annual christmas party I host, as well as a older photo from May of last year when I was in the limo on the way to the airport leaving Las Vegas.

    Hope everyone is doing well, and that everyone enjoys my update.


    Patrick Kane
    Former Owner and Director of Kane Zoological, Inc. (closed 2005)

    Attached Files:

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  19. kellygirl

    kellygirl Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Unless you are going to reimburse all the people you ripped off, I don't think anyone wants to see you flash our money in our face.

    Has anyone got a case going against this guy? If so, I still have my postal records, money order receipts, and other evidence that points directly to him, including audio of him admitting to having used a false name on Petbugs. Drop me an email if you could use such items.

    I don't wish bodily harm on Pat but he really should step up and right his past wrongs since he obviously isn't in the poorhouse, as he clearly wants us to know.

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