Action Wildlife Goshen,CT


Old Timer
May 2, 2005
Went to a small zoo/game farm in Goshen, CT yesterday. Other than a few of the goats looked like they were in desperate need of a milking and there was a Grant's Zebra being housed by itself, I really liked the place. all the animals had pretty big pens and they looked really well maintained. Other than a few small things (since I work in a zoo I cannot be objective while visiting a zoo) it looked pretty decent. Here's some pics:


Watusi Cattle

Water Buffalo

Sika Deer

Four Horned Sheep

Red Stag

American Elk (wapiti)

An Ibex I Think

They also had some of the best taxidermy mounts outside of a museum I have ever seen. While I really do not condone the hunting of these animals (albeit many of them were killed in the 60's) they were really great mounts so I thought I would share.
Hyena vs Leopard

Lions vs Buffalo

Grizzly vs Moose

Mountain Lion vs Deer

Wolverine vs Bear