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Acanthoscurria brocklehursti


Old Timer
Jul 31, 2007
Female number: Ac_br_2

Female's most recent molt: 26 Feb 10

Male number: Ac_br_4

Male's ultimate molt: Unknown

First pairing: 1 May 10

Total number of pairings: 1

Eggsac found: 5 July 10

Eggsac pulled: 3 Aug 10

Stage of slings when pulled: 1st Instars

2nd instar molt date: 24 Sept 10

Notes: Female and male were kept in similar set ups. Female is kept in a simple set up with a couple inches of soil (peat vermiculite mix) and a water dish. She is kept in an appropriately sized plastic tote. Both male and female were kept in the low to mid 80s F. Courtship was short with the male shaking a bit before approaching the female. Copulation was short and the female tried to grab the male. The female’s cage was covered with a towel and moved to our “nursery” rack while she incubated her eggsac. The cage was opened periodically to add water to the substrate and to ensure the waterdish was still full. The pairing was what I’m beginning to see as typical of Acanthoscurria sp. in my collection.


The event that started this all:

Mom with eggsac:


Eggsac opened:

A good clutch:

Size reference:

2nd Instars: