About p Miranda


Jun 9, 2016
Hi I just order a p Miranda, just want to ask, is it very Skittish, or aggressive. My greetings say that it is probably the most calm poeci, is it true? BTW, I am just a beginner.

And how hard to control them compare to my other T. I had a Cobalt blue(cyriopagopus Lividium) , rear horned baboon(ceratogyrus darlingi) , Vietnam blue (chilobrachys dyscolus)


May 12, 2015
Well, at least you´re somewhat familiar with potent and skittish OW terrestrials. "Pokies" are not more defensive than the species you already have (Haplopelma and Chilobrachys are as nasty as terrestrials goes.) The main difference here is that Pokies are arboreals and therefore will react and behave differently. Instead of running down its burrow or stand in a threat posture, arborals tend to run upwards, towards you with great speed. They are more agile than terrestrials and IME they bolt more easily. I would say that it would be wiser to get a Psalmopoeus as a first arboreal rather than a Pokie. They behave in a similar way, but don´t have a medical significant bite. Still, as you´ve already ordered your spider, I get that it´s probably not an option. Good luck with your new tarantula. I´m sure someone here will be able to help if you have any questions with how to make a good set up for it, etc. :).
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