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A1 Reptiles (www.a1reptiles.com)


Old Timer
Oct 2, 2002

My very first mail order purchase was from A1. I purchsed 2 cultures of Hydei Feeders for my s'lings on 02/18/03. Unfortunately the culture arrived dead.... no activity of any sort in the vials. I waited 3 hours, warmed the flies and still nothing. I had hoped the flies were just cold, but there was no change.

When I called Terri, she was surprised and stated she had never, in 15 years, had a culture arrive dead, but agreed to replace them ASAP. I received my replacement culture and a personal note today. It is large, healthy and very active.

A1 is helpful, honest and I feel I definitely got what I paid for in terms of customer service and quality merchandise. I do not feel they were responsible for the dead culture. I will do business with them again and will recommend them to others.

Kelly Olsen