A.Seemanni Concerns


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Aug 7, 2002
Hi all,

My A.seemanni is kind of a weird spider, ever since i got her. She is approximately 4 inches in leg span and waits until the crickets are right infront of her for about a minute before she eats anything but stays very skinny. I tried to feed her last night and the cricket just crawled over her legs and abdomen and she did not even twitch, so i removed the cricket and threw it to my genic. Anyways, I see her half in her water dish today with her front legs and mouth up against the side of the glass. Right where her fangs are and the surrounding area looked like they had some mushsy wetness on them. I could not get a pic due to the water stains on the glass. I do not think this was because she just had her mouth in the water because of how precise the mushy wetness was being only around her mouth. It was all over her fangs and below and around them. It appeared to be sticky and pasty, yet clear. Anyone ever seen anything like this? The tarantula is extremely spastic so treating it would be out of the question with my limited experience. I have come to 2 conclusions.

1) It was indeed just from drinking and the tarantula is fine and will molt soon because it refuses food.
2) something is very wrong and i may end up with a dead spider shortly due to a possible infection.

Any input greatly appreciated, I will try for some pics but i sincerely doubt I will be able to get any due to where the spider always hangs out. I keep a full water dish available at all times and have stopped feeding her because she refuses it.



Feb 19, 2003
I would say it was probably from drinking water. when my a. avic drinks it looks like mushy wetness but only on the long red hairs around the mouth, the rest may also be wet but where the hairs are shorter they probably aren't as noticable. I would say theres an upcoming molt. but keep us posted


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Apr 5, 2003
try to get us a pic please... some how -- get it out of the tank or something, but just try for a pic!