A. seemani pet store rescue


Jan 14, 2014
About two weeks ago I stopped into my local pet store to pick up some crickets for my C. versicolor slings, and I was just browsing the reptile section when I noticed 2 32oz deli cups with sizable T's (around 3" legspan) in them. There was maybe an inch of coco fiber substrate and a flat cork bark inside, along with some very stressed out looking T's.

For the next two weeks I returned to that store for crickets and other pet things, and I noticed the deli cups were still there. So I asked a clerk to see them, and he said he thought they were pink toes. Well obviously not, since they were definitely A. seemani.

Today (5/29/17) I went back and decided I would take one of those poor babies home, since their living conditions were atrocious, and definitely not suitable for their species. I chose the larger of the two and got her a large tank with enough substrate to burrow and a nice hide. When I got home I was pleased to see that she was indeed a female, and got her into her new home.

She is currently up on my shelf and very skittish and jumpy. She shies away from my flashlight and bolts around if the tank moves at all. Her abdomen is almost completely bald from kicking. Hasn't quite yet figured out her hide. I'm going to wait a couple days for her to settle in, then I'll feed her.

The plan is to get her fat and healthy, and take her to my next local expo in June. I don't really have a desire to keep her for long, since I prefer arboreals, but I wanted to give her a better life and hopefully pass her on to an owner who cares.

The wolf

May 6, 2017
Aww great story.so sad some of thses pet stores though you have to think in the inteveiw they probably just say
so do mind spiders
yeah not too much
your hired
ive never seen it myself but Ive certainly read about it well done very kind of you.