A. Seemani not moving?


Apr 30, 2017
Beginner Tarantula owner here. Just got what I believe is a late juvenile or early adult A. Seemani from the pet store yesterday as my first tarantula. Yes, I've heard these aren't the best beginner tarantulas due to their supposed skittish nature and talents as escape artists, but I have no intention of ever handling it and have a 5 gallon tank with a secure locking screen lid. Anyways, contrary to what I've heard, mine so far has been extremely chill for lack of better terms. It really has not moved around all that much, though yesterday it did almost instantly eat the cricket that I offered it, and it slowly but surely seemed to have fun moving around its water dish after it drank all the water in there. Today when i woke up however, it was just standing in its half-log hideaway, and it's been there the whole day. I was a little concerned after a number of hours, so I picked up the log to get a closer look at it, and it just jumped a little bit but ultimately stayed in the same spot. Bottom line is, should this be any reason for concern, especially considering how I heard these are generally pretty active spiders?

I do have 3 inches of substrate in its tank, and I'm making sure to keep the inside relatively humid as well. Temperature is about 70 degrees, but I believe it may be slightly warmer in my room where its at, so maybe about 71-72.


Mar 10, 2015
Pix can help us help you with advice. Also, keep in mind that each tarantula has its own personality and can be the complete opposite from another of the same species. Generally, if I buy a tarantula from the pet store, I automatically assume the specimen is lethargic from living in poor conditions. Example, my mature female C. lividus... super calm and slow moving when she was bought and rehoused.... after she got set up in a PROPER home, she's definitely defensive and reclusive.


Sep 24, 2015
normal spider behavior, movement is not their favorite thing to do. you heard wrong if some one told you they were active pets. mine seem to move 5 inches a day. but they can be extremely fast when they want to.
as for the cage..
three " is not enough, add at least 7.
they are considered a very good first spider btw.
they like it slightly moist, but not too much. if too damp they will climb the sides trying to escape.
all spiders are escape artists btw
how big is the spider?
screen lids arent the best for terrestrials. they can get their legs stuck and lose them. you can either modify it with acrylic, glass or plexiglass. or just buy a new cage. they can be as cheap or as expensive you want.


May 13, 2016
I agree with Venom, 3" of substrate really isn't enough for that species. My adult female has an elaborate tunnel system with multiple entrances. Also, it's behavior sounds normal, just leave it alone for awhile.


Oct 6, 2016
The "pet rock" trap seems to be in effect here. Though it IS an exaggeration. Tarantulas tend to come alive and move around quite a bit on most nights, if it's dark. It's great fun to watch. Use a red flashlight to watch them because they can't see red light.