a new type of blondi..raccoonblondi


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Aug 13, 2002
Hi all,
Maybe this is very normal, but, I think my blondi is odd. I give her beefheart and, crickets. She's probably in the area of about 7 inches.

I occasionally find crickets doing their not so good impression of Mark Spitz..That's normal. We all know how dumb cricks are, when it comes to open containers of water.

However, the beefheart has me perplexed. When I do give it to Kaja, I place it right in front of her, usually at the opening of her half log. I don't toss it, fling it, or serve it in any careless way. Yet, I am constantly finding chunks in the water dish. As well, she will stand right by the water dish, as if "guarding" it. Btw, the humidity is at 85% in her enclosure.

Could this be stuck to her chelicera (sp?) Or, is she doing this?
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