A. hentzi post-sac.


Jul 6, 2016
So my A. hentzi has been with me for like 2 months now or so, the first half of which was spent with the sac she laid after I got her. Now I've pulled the sac and am dealing with that, but my hentzi seems discontent. She's been climbing up the walls, and doesn't seem to want to dig another burrow after I had to cave in the first to retrieve the eggs. I figured she would maybe moult after the sac, but she hasn't yet.

She has a water dish, but could her enclosure be too humid? She was on just coco fiber, but I changed that the other day for a mix of coco fiber, top soil and peat moss. Right now I have her in a temporary enclosure because I want to let hers set out in the sun tomorrow to maybe dry the upper layer of substrate in the sun. Seems like she is much more content hiding under a sheet or one of my old shirts in a coffee can than she was in the original enclosure.

I'm thinking it's the humidity, but maybe one of you will know it's about post-sac or pre-moult or some combination. I'll update tomorrow.