A geniculata love story


May 28, 2012
I paired the geniculatas last weekend. I received the male last week from MobBurrow and within 15 minutes of unpacking the male and putting him in an enclosure next to the female, they were already tapping to each other. It was so cool to watch. I fed her a handful of roaches and paired them a couple of days later, a day after I saw him making a sperm web.

Any advice on what to do now with the female? Flood her, cool her, warm her, move her somewhere quiet, sing her folk songs? She was definitely, uh, probed :alien I cupped her after to be sure. I'm fairly certain he only got one insertion in, and that was right before she turned homicidal. He can't make anymore sperm webs because in the process of trying to superglue the puncture wound on his abdomen that she gifted him with, I accidentally superglued his spinnerets to his butt too. Oops. :sorry: He's still super active though.

He was put in with a different female on Wednesday and they were not interested in each other at all. Not a single jiggle or tap from either. Any idea why? Perhaps because he couldn't make another sperm web? I think he still has one "loaded" palp but maybe the spiders (or you) know something we don't. Is he just done mating now?

Here's the video, I only see one insertion, but I'd appreciate more eyes.

.... Still a better love story than Twilight :vamp:

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Jun 17, 2007
Mature male and mature female two different variant in appearance you mated with. Are they true geniculata? Only according to a taxonomist stating there are different localities and they are all geniculata. Blah, blah, blah! If that is true I like to know where are this variants are from/localities? Mixing two spiders with different appearances what will the babies look like?

In my opinion hybrid exist with geniculata and sp. "Brocklehursti"

These are photos of my four different variants mature males that I have had in my collection so far. Also I'm posting a link of my old thread, on page two you will see photos of the five different females http://arachnoboards.com/threads/the-two-versions-of-a-geniculata-and-a-brocklehursti.273521/

Acanthoscurria geniculata



Acanthoscurria sp. "Brocklehursti"

If you want your female to produce a sac regardless wether you feel or other feels that there is nothing wrong with your mating, feed your female the mature male if he is still alive. Purchase some adult mice and baby rats until she can no longer take food and her abdomen is huge within a month or two from mating she will show signs of her being gravid. You don't need to cool her down, I'll you have to do is keep her moist and the heat up to 80 degrees when you want her to drop a sac. Don't just feed her crickets!
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