A few eggcases


Old Timer
Feb 8, 2008
Hi there. Just thought i would share some of my recent successes. Been keeping baboon spiders for around 17 years. Mainly Ceratogyrus, Augacephalus and Harpactira. Had lots of successes with those, but they are pretty easy because they are native species to this part of the world.
Got into tarantulas around 3 years ago when they became popular here. Since the first time i saw a P.regalis in person, i decided that that would be the genera i would love to keep. So for 3 years i have been collecting spiderlings of a few species and finally had a few breeding pairs this year.
Did a bit of research on breeding them with some help from ryan here on the site a while back, and had some great successes this year. :)
so far for the year i have had:
96 P.ornata babies about 3 months ago.
116 P.fasciata babies about a month ago.
All of those (except for a few im keeping for future stock) have been sold off.
Currently in sitting with around 60 P.striata eggs with legs and eggcases with another P.fasciata, P.subfusca "dark form" and 2 P.regalis. :)
looks like its raining pokies down here in sa. :)