A few beginner questions about millipedes


Sep 4, 2010
Hello! I'm new to the hobby and looking into millipedes. :) They're cute, seem easy to take care of, and eat plant matter! But millipede information on the net seems a bit all over the place, so I have some questions.

Good beginner millipedes. I'm looking for something between docile, hardy, and pretty. The Pink Footed Millipede sounded excellent for all three of these. Does anyone have any experience with these, any tips, and any knowledge of a good place to buy them? I'm certainly open to suggestions as to other millies to buy, though since I've never done this before I'll probably get only one to start. I live in the USA if that helps.

Good beginner advice in general. Though I've done a fair amount of research already, I want to go into this as educated as I can!

Species compatible with millipedes. I'd love to have a little variety, so any other invertebrates and so forth that can be safely kept in the same area would be cool.

Is it possible (or even a good idea) to keep other things with millipedes and have them co-exist peacefully, and does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could keep? I'm looking for things that thrive in similar conditions and have a similar diet of fruits and veggies, as I don't want to deal with raising or purchasing live prey. I also read about a species of snail that seemed to live under similar conditions and eat similar food, does anyone know about species of snails that are good as pets and if they're compatible with millipedes?

Thank you!

Elytra and Antenna

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Sep 12, 2002
I have a few different native species http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?t=189694 and I'd recommend them all for a beginner except for the bumblebees. I also carry two books on millipedes, it doesn't hurt to go outside the internet once in a while. You can keep terrestrial snails and isopods and various millipedes in the same cage. If you decide to breed them you may want to devote one cage. There are neat isopods like orange and dalmation available from vendors but you're not likely to find land snails anywhere other than your back yard unless you can find a large market where they sell live escargot.