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A color guide to tarantulas of the world -Gurley,R




This review is courtesy of R.G. Breene and the ATS at www.atshq.org

This review is for both "A color guide to tarantulas of the world I" & "A color guide to tarantulas of the world II"

Gurley's books could have been inexpensive, useful tools. Instead he chose to shun credible tarantula taxonomists and needed review by others knowledgeable in the field. As a result many, if not most of the tarantulas photographs are probably misidentified, and the advice below the photographs may or may not be useful.

Elytra and Antenna

Arachnosupporter +
Sep 12, 2002
I know people who've put the tattered pages in binders so they could keep using these books after the pages fell out. At the time they came out they were pretty amazing books. If the test were postive impact on the hobby these would be near the top rung rather than the bottom.