A. Avicularia mating


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Aug 1, 2006
I know this is sorta a breeding report and im gonna post in there too but this was way too interesting to not start a discussion about. I've been pairing Ts up for a little while now and this is definatly the best sex story so far :)

Last night I paired up my girl with arachnoking1234's male for the first time. Ive had him for about a week and he made a sperm web for me and everything. Anyways, he didnt seem too interested. She was drumming up a storm but after about an hour, I decided to take him out and try again tonight.

So I just put them together about half an hour ago, and it went a little better. This time as soon as i opened the lid, she lifted herself up into position and waited for him. After a little convincing, he made his way over to her. They flailed their legs around but they were kinda sideways and just got tangled up. At this point they kinda made their way up to the top of the cage at which point he promptly threw her out. He actually caried her up to the top, pushed her out, then walked back inside. They had another awkward meeting and ended up chasing eachother around the cage untill they finally hooked up on the third try. I saw several good insertions and the whole thing lasted a nice long time.

All's well that ends well i suppose. Well see how it goes from here. I just thought it was a neat story.

i have pics, i just need to resize them. I'll post them up soon


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May 16, 2005
We've done breeding with my a.avic a couple of times and both times we had a sac full of healthy bouncing babies...lol They are a riot to watch. My big female scared the male the second time we did breeding with her but he eventually came around. Hope you get a nice eggsac!