A. Avic M6 odd behavior


Oct 17, 2020
Hi all! I’m new to keeping. Ferg is my first T. I’ve had her (maybe he, but def no hooks yet) a little over 6 months. She’s done perfect. A little bit of a picky eater, but all in all she’s done great. She has two water bowls. One on the ground level and an arboreal one also. Both stay full at all times. I overfill the bottom water dish into the substrate every week and a half. I don’t mist her cage at all. I did at first, but she hates it. Her enclosure is an exo terra arboreal with cross ventilation. I was able to get some pics of her, but she’s hiding in the leaves, at the base of her cork and they aren’t good. I’ll include them just in case. Anyway, like I said, 6 months of owning her, with no issues. She’s not much of a Webber. She webbed one time just a little bit since I’ve gotten her; she’s not webbed anything since then. A couple of days ago I noticed she was hanging around the bottom of her cork, on the ground, with her legs pulled in tightly hiding her body. I wanted make sure she was okay, as hanging around the bottom has me concerned. It’s not one of her normal spots for sure. When she moved, her movement seem weird. Like she’s lost the ability to climb or something. She ate 4 days ago and has had access to plenty of water. She looks perfectly normal except she’s not crawling around a lot, so she sitting under the leaves in kind of a stressed position. She’s definitely not in a death curl, but I want to figure this out before I’m faced with that. She’s never molted in my care if that helps. We don’t handle her as to not cause her stress. Nothing at all in her environment has changed. Any clues as to what may be going on? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. 5750168F-80A0-49A6-8E73-A11DE12C4DE3.jpeg 327A5E1D-4087-446B-8255-4535DA4BAB4D.jpeg 842B2458-58EF-45FD-B26C-64F1AB419A42.jpeg

A huge thanks to anyone who took time to help me out. I’m so concerned about my girl.


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Apr 24, 2018
A picture of the whole enclosure would be helpful too. It sounds like they might be entering pre-molt, my female gets the same bald knees when she enters pre-molt.