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A. avic does absolutely nothing lol

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Asgiliath, Jul 5, 2019.

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    SO, I’ve had an A. avic juvie for probably a month and a half now and the spider literally does...nothing?

    It’s enclose is perfect. Plenty of ventilation...vertical climbing surface...nice leafy plant up top etc. thing is, i’m not even sure if it’s eaten once since it’s been in my care. I’ve never witnessed an immediate takedown or observed it eating at all. All I’ve done as far as food goes is remove uneaten prey. The abdomen is tiny but it’s kind of a tiny T (maybe 1 3/4 to 2 in. max) and I know avics don’t always get very plump.

    Another thing that’s a bit abnormal is that it doesn’t web AT ALL (but my A. metallica doesn’t either so.....)

    Anyway, this spider clings to the plastic like an idiot (jk) and that’s it....

    Anyone experienced anything like this with this species?

    (Fun fact: this is the most bolt-y and skittish T in my care and I have a Stirmi right now....odd.)
  2. velvetundergrowth

    velvetundergrowth Lobopro Arachnosupporter

    Not sure why exactly but I find these to be one of the most appealing Ts. I won't be getting any more spiders for a while but it will be one of the first ones when I do. I'm having enough trouble as it is keeping my two current Ts a secret from the other people I live with!
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  3. My new A.A. Azuraklaasi are a lil crazy. I'd trade you, but they're so stinking cute.

    Made the mistake of opening their enclosures to give them a little water. First one bolted straight out, fell to the floor (on a soft blanket I had laid out just in case, thank heck), wouldn't get in the catch cup, climbed into me, and was determined to climb all over my fingers rather than going back home. The next bolted down to the ground and the third insisted on running around the enclosure.
  4. Lol some T’s are just a bit crazier than others regardless of species. I’m not worried about that, just think it’s kinda funny.

    Main concern, is mostly the fact they haven’t eaten...especially since they molted recently before I got them. Oops forgot to mention that detail.
  5. My C. Versicolor went off of food for the longest time. It might just be a weird arboreal thing. I just kept dropping pre-killed.

    But for avics, maybe pantry moths might work? All three of mine took them down and ate. The worms themselves make for a great meal for smaller ts, but the moths tend to fly all over in a panic when moved.
  6. Hmmm I’ve never heard of feeding moths...I don’t think i’d be comfortable with flighted prey tbh maybe i’ll try pre-killed crickets but I’m skeptical...this T is touchy apparently.
  7. FrDoc

    FrDoc Gen. 1:24-25 Arachnosupporter

    @Asgiliath BINGO! I feel your boredom. Mine through a leg several months ago and it STILL didn't seem phased. I think there may be a genetic presence of tarantula barbiturates in them. Booooooring.
  8. EtienneN

    EtienneN Arachnonovelist-musician-artist Arachnosupporter

    Awww, they’re so cute just looking at them do nothing is fun! Mine moves about fairly frequently though. Is there any way the enclosure might be too big? They can get overwhelmed in big spaces and just “hide” in plain sight, making just a corner of the cage its normal hang out spot.
  9. Urzeitmensch

    Urzeitmensch Arachnosquire

    On the upside, if she sits in the open you can watch her at any time. And if she stays put while watering and feeding all the better.

    My C. Versicolor sling is incredibly bolty. It got me some days ago with the "sitting on the lid" trick. It is my first arboreal and the lid of the sling cup is opaque. I searched for it, didn't find it and took a look when it bolted up my hand.

    It was strange trying to concentrate and keep calm when that little fluff tickled so bad that I had a hard time to stop myself from giggling like a little girl . Got it back in with some effort, luckily.
  10. My A. Avic did this, except it built a small web. When i got her for the first month she would never move more than just a couple cm and didn't even web up.Never observed her go for some water or hunt for prey. The first couple weeks after i rehoused her she stayed in the enclosure s corner and didn't budge, she just now started exploring around yesterday. They can go a long time without eating but if youre getting too worried about it perhaps try giving/enticing the T by putting the cricket up to it?(hard tongs can damage the fangs if the T decides to attack that over the food) im far from an expert and im hardly knowledgeable but you might just have a lazy T? Mine refused to web until i directly gave her her first cricket and she started the web while eating.
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  11. I saw it suggested here, afaik? But it's been a while. I really do suggest pantry moths over other moths though. They lack mouthparts and can't hurt your t.
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  12. WolfSoon

    WolfSoon Arachnoknight

    I have 14 Avics of different sizes and they’re all eating machines and relatively active :angelic: I have one adult who’s skittish about catching prey but still pigs out. They have a funny, chilled out way of moving around, but I’ve never thought them boring. :meh: Plus, those toes alone are enough for me!
    I’ve got no good advice, just this little Avic defense spiel ;)
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  13. NOOOO I love my avics! A. metallica was was one of my first so very near and dear to my heart! Just don’t really get why this one doesn’t like food apparently lol
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  14. My avic was a pet rock, er, pet rock suspended up high by webbing. Not my most active T. (Well, active when first webbing up enclosure, but then tended to rest on his laurels, literally).
    My avic tended to wait hours before even pursuing a feeder (well, more like, sit and wait for a B lat/cricket to happen to climb up the cork plank-o-death and then walk close by resting avic before avic decided to nab it).
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