1st ever public appearance

johnny quango

Old Timer
May 17, 2013
Hey guys
As the title says this is Marmite and his/her 1st ever appearance in public. I've had this little nightmare on legs for almost a year and it's been almost impossible to get any kind of picture because and I hate this description but it's the best way I know but it is aggressive. Now I've got a few defensive tarantulas but this is 2 steps above, it randomly attacks fresh air, it's water dish, hide etc and all this is without taking the top off the enclosure..

The thing is though its so beautiful in the flesh with it's contrasting blue and orange it's easy to keep it as an amazing appetite with a medium/fast growth rate. I don't know if I've just got a slightly unhinged specimen or if they are all like this. The thing is some people believe it's a Thrixopelma sp of some kind but at present it's known as Theraphosinae sp cuzco so anyway here's the pic DSC_0116.JPG