1st attempt at photo's


Jul 6, 2010
"rented" a Nikon Coolpix 8000 from Costco to see if it's any good. Here's the results of the few pics i got under my stove lighting. I dunno how people take such great pictures. I'm less then impressed with mine. This is a 270 dollar camera.

GBB 2.5inch or so

G. Pulchra just molted a few hour ago. Think maybe an inch.

Avicularia Diversipes 3rd instar i believe, molted last week.

Tapinauchenius plumipes very tiny 3/4 inch no idea on instar

Avic avic 3rd instar molted last week.

Brachy smithi molted 2 weeks ago. 2 inches.

My beautiful M. balfouri! This is what you get when you own one. He is like 1.5inches. If you intend to buy one get used to this photo.
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