yellowbanded tarantula

  1. Help species id this avic!

    Help species id this avic!

    It was labeled Urticans, but when looking at her the T. shop guy said she looked like a metallica. I don't know what to look for to tell the difference can someone help?
  2. Toe


    Avic sp peru purple.. Toe
  3. Avicularia urticans

    Avicularia urticans

  4. A.juruensis_M1(F)5in_AD_1


  5. Avicularia juruensis M#1

    Avicularia juruensis M#1

    Adult Female {Throwback City}
  6. Adult A. Urticans

    Adult A. Urticans

    Adult A. Urticans
  7. juronesis mt #2

    juronesis mt #2

    sling #3
  8. juronesis morphotype #2

    juronesis morphotype #2

    sling #1
  9. Avicularia urticans MF

    Avicularia urticans MF

    Avicualaria urticans MF
  10. Avicularia Juruensis 2"

    Avicularia Juruensis 2"

  11. Avicularia juruensis M1

    Avicularia juruensis M1

    Look at the eyes.
  12. A. juruensis

    A. juruensis

    This little T scared the "you know what" out of me. It grew almost twice it's size after it's last molt.
  13. A. juruensis

    A. juruensis

    My lil A. juruensis
  14. Avic Rehouse

    Avic Rehouse

    So this is the little Avic I've always been confused about, now 5cm! Was only 2.5 in June. It was given to me as a "Peru pinktoe" Which I'm now being told is a juruensis morph type 2? If anyone can explain the morph thing simple to me I'd appreciate it because I have no idea :'D Love this fuzzy xx
  15. Avicularia juruensis

    Avicularia juruensis

    Came home to a molt :-)
  16. Avicularia juruensis meal time

    Avicularia juruensis meal time

    For the 1st few weeks I thought this T was a EPic FaiL. Anyways, the T is munching on a superworm :) PS. Picture is old...T has since been rehoused.
  17. Avicularia juruensis

    Avicularia juruensis

  18. Avicularia juruensis

    Avicularia juruensis

    Morphotype #1 Adult Female