wolf spider

  1. Little Wolfy

    Little Wolfy

    H. miami
  2. H. schmitzi

    H. schmitzi

  3. Wolf spider

    Wolf spider

    I dunno what species.
  4. Unknown Tasmanicosa

    Unknown Tasmanicosa

    Unknown Tasmanicosa species
  5. Tasmanicosa godeffroyi

    Tasmanicosa godeffroyi

    Tasmanicosa Goddfreyi
  6. Tasmanicosa (Lycosidae)

    Tasmanicosa (Lycosidae)

    Unknown Tasmanicosa species
  7. Portacosa (Lycosidae)

    Portacosa (Lycosidae)

    Portacosa species
  8. Little Hogna

    Little Hogna

    This is the smallest guy I've ever had but he's so darn cute!! His name is Wolverine
  9. Tasmanicosa godeffroyi (Lycosidae)

    Tasmanicosa godeffroyi (Lycosidae)

    T. Goddfreyi
  10. Found in house.

    Found in house.

    Looks like a baby tarantula to me, but I am not an expert. I am curious what kind it is.
  11. South Australian Tasmanicosa (Lycosidae)

    South Australian Tasmanicosa (Lycosidae)

    South Australian Tasmanicosa species
  12. Unknown Tasmanicosa (Black Arrow)

    Unknown Tasmanicosa (Black Arrow)

    Unknown Tasmanicosa (Black Arrow)
  13. Wolf spider ID?

    Wolf spider ID?

    It was found near lake Cuyamaca in Southern California. Only about a centimeter at the moment. Quite chubby after two crickets.
  14. Grass or wolf

    Grass or wolf

    Found them on a hike. Grass or wolf spider?
  15. Tigrosa grandis

    Tigrosa grandis

    T. grandis, poping HIS head out after this last molt. I swear I heard him say ‘psst...over here...gimme a roach man’ after taking this pic
  16. Geolycosa gosoga babies

    Geolycosa gosoga babies

    Very calm compared to hogna. This lid allows them to have an easier time molting, too.
  17. Geolycosa gosoga slings

    Geolycosa gosoga slings

    popped just today
  18. Lycosa erythrognatha.

    Lycosa erythrognatha.

    Those red fangs...
  19. Tigrosa helluo

    Tigrosa helluo

    Eating mealworm, almost 2 inches
  20. Not a tarantula!

    Not a tarantula!

    Thank you for all input on my previous post! We do, indeed, have a wolf spider. Still not sure what kind and would like to know if we should continue to care for it or if it would be better to let it go?