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  1. avicularia ?

    avicularia ?

    Picked this female up from a buddy deploying from Wright Patterson AFB. But it looks a little different than my MM Avicularia avicularia. I’m thinking this girl might be an Avicularia metallica. Not sure so want y’all to take look and see. She just seems to have a more metallic sheen to her.
  2. Avicularia avicularia

    Avicularia avicularia

    Avicularia avicularia morph 6 "metallica"
  3. A metallica sexing 2.5 inches

    A metallica sexing 2.5 inches

    What do you guys think?
  4. A. Metallica [2/2]

    A. Metallica [2/2]

    Just a second photo of first spider. Haven’t figured out how to use this forum just yet.
  5. A. Metallica [1/2]

    A. Metallica [1/2]

    2.5”. Can anyone tell if it’s male or female?
  6. Sac opening day

    Sac opening day

    A. avic morphotype #6 "metallica"
  7. Avicularia metallica [ventral sexing]

    Avicularia metallica [ventral sexing]

    A. Metallica hope its clear enough that was the best Picture i could get
  8. A. metallica

    A. metallica

    Happy Festivus!!!
  9. Avicularia metallica Female

    Avicularia metallica Female

    I love my arboreals!
  10. Avicularia metallica

    Avicularia metallica

  11. gravid A. met candled

    gravid A. met candled

    Look at that booty glow!
  12. A. metallica Male

    A. metallica Male

    My male A. metallica
  13. Avicularia Metallica

    Avicularia Metallica

    A. metallica adult female
  14. Avicularia metallica sexing help?

    Avicularia metallica sexing help?

    Can anyone tell me if this is male or female. Hope I am posting this in the right place this time around.
  15. A.metalica


    Looks male to me id say its about 4 and a half to 5 in leg spani just couldnt get it flat lol. Sorry for the horrable pic
  16. A.metalica


    Dont know why its a separate post lol. Pretty sure its a male either way but nice to have a second opinion
  17. another metallica pairing

    another metallica pairing

    I think he finally got the job done
  18. A. metallica

    A. metallica

  19. metallica


    avic porn
  20. Avicularia metallica [ventral sexing]

    Avicularia metallica [ventral sexing]

    A. metallica/A. avicularia morph 6