whitetoe tarantula

  1. Synchronized Snacking

    Synchronized Snacking

    Psalmopoeus cambridgei female in the foreground and Avicularia avicularia M6 (metallica) female in the background.
  2. Another Mature Male Gone

    Another Mature Male Gone

    I raised this Avicularia metallica dude from a tiny spiderling and I was so hoping to get an egg sac from my female. What a huge disappointment.
  3. 0.1 A. avicularia M6 (A. metalica)

    0.1 A. avicularia M6 (A. metalica)

    0.1 A. avicularia M1 (A. metalica) 4.5” DLS 30x magnification
  4. A. metallica

    A. metallica

    1st time doing this. Already posted my 1st sample. Here is my 2nd one. Thanks
  5. Please Be Gravid... PLEASE!

    Please Be Gravid... PLEASE!

    Recently paired Avicularia avicularia M6 (metallica) adult female having a bit of a snack.
  6. A. Metallica

    A. Metallica

    Hilda my favorite T❤️
  7. Avicularia avicularia Morph 6 (formerly metallica)

    Avicularia avicularia Morph 6 (formerly metallica)

    I didn't have any luck pairing this girl last year, so I hope that this is successful. I don't have any more males and they are hard to come by in Canada.
  8. A. Metallica F/M?

    A. Metallica F/M?

    First molt with me, took Orion 5 months. I always say She in hopes that I won’t be the only female in my home.
  9. Emery


    Emery nomming a cricket.
  10. Emery


    Took some photos of Emery during her last molt.
  11. Emery


    My Avicularia Metallica/Avicularia Avicularia morphotype 6. I had her for 3 years. She passed October 2017. RIP
  12. A. Metallica

    A. Metallica

    Hilda guarding her lair<3
  13. Avicularia metallica

    Avicularia metallica

    Here is my MF Avicularia metallica who recently molted. She takes floofy to another level. I'm on the lookout for a MM so if any of you guys got one LMK.
  14. Blue feet

    Blue feet

    Beautiful but crazy defensive P metallica sub adult female.
  15. Avicularia Metallica bath time

    Avicularia Metallica bath time

    So cool when she cleans herself on the enclosures side:)
  16. A. Metallica pink toe

    A. Metallica pink toe

  17. A. Metallica Pink Toe

    A. Metallica Pink Toe

    Rehousing time! Created a Vivarium for her... hope she like it. She is five inches. Got her from Joe Rossi at Repticon in Costa Mesa. She is beautiful.
  18. Is this A.metallica?

    Is this A.metallica?

    I wonder if this is an A.metallica or Avic.Avic?
  19. Can't believe how beautiful this girl is

    Can't believe how beautiful this girl is

    Which I had a male. She was half this size 6 months ago so she is just recently mature. Love her.
  20. Avicularia Metallica

    Avicularia Metallica