whitebanded tarantula

  1. Acanthoscurria geniculata [molt sexing]

    Acanthoscurria geniculata [molt sexing]

    Cannot see spermathacae though there is definitely a flap. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. It’s an a.geniculata That makes a difference.
  2. Snack Time

    Snack Time

    Graduated from 1/3 of a mealworm to a 1/2 a mealworm...thriving!!!
  3. Milf


    Male or Female ? :)
  4. A genic 3 inches

    A genic 3 inches

    Want to say female but not sure. Dirty molt eater.
  5. 1.0 A. geniculata

    1.0 A. geniculata

    3" male Acanthoscurria geniculata freshly molted.
  6. A. geniculata

    A. geniculata

    2.5" Need help sexing, thanks.
  7. Geniculata Sling

    Geniculata Sling

    This is all I get :( One day s(he) won’t know what a hide is... can’t wait!!!
  8. A. geniculata - Male?

    A. geniculata - Male?

    I'd love to be proven incorrect, but looks like Bingo is most definitely a male. Unless you say differently...
  9. A.Genic sling

    A.Genic sling

    First day in new home
  10. Acanthoscurria Geniculata Sling Rehoused

    Acanthoscurria Geniculata Sling Rehoused

    I got these awesome sling enclosures from amazon for just a little over $9, and they are pretty much perfect for my smaller T's. This A. Geniculata is just a millimeter or two under an inch, and I have my C. Darlingi in the second one I bought. I'll put the amazon link somewhere in this thread.
  11. White Knee

    White Knee

    A. geniculata probably 5-6 inch spider.
  12. Acanthoscurria geniculata

    Acanthoscurria geniculata

    My Acanthoscurria Geniculata showing off his fresh molt colors and I'm definitely a proud T Mommy <3 I am very happy with how fast these guys grow, I got him 3/21/19 and this is his 3rd molt with me, it definitely helps that this guy NEVER refuses food.
  13. 3" Female Acanthoscurria geniculata [molt sexing]

    3" Female Acanthoscurria geniculata [molt sexing]

    A. Geniculata ~3"
  14. A.geniculata


    This A. geniculata just happens to be my 1st T (well I actually received a few slings at the same time, but this one I got to name). I've had "Bingo" for close to a year & he/she is always out and about...
  15. 2.5" Acanthoscurria geniculata [molt sexing]

    2.5" Acanthoscurria geniculata [molt sexing]

    A. Geniculata 2 1/2 inch
  16. White Knee T

    White Knee T

    White Knee showing some red rump after a molt.
  17. Acanthoscurria geniculata Sub-Adult Female - ~6"

    Acanthoscurria geniculata Sub-Adult Female - ~6"

    She is looking gorgeous, despite it being months since her last moult. She is still very skittish at this size, but rarely kicks hair.
  18. 0.1 Acanthoscurria geniculata

    0.1 Acanthoscurria geniculata

    Spermathecae of a 7" female.
  19. Post-molt Stretching (♂ Acanthoscurria geniculata)

    Post-molt Stretching (♂ Acanthoscurria geniculata)

  20. Molting Acanthoscurria geniculata (4") [4/4]

    Molting Acanthoscurria geniculata (4") [4/4]