whitebanded tarantula

  1. Acanthoscurria geniculata [ventral sexing] [1/2]

    Acanthoscurria geniculata [ventral sexing] [1/2]

    Male or Female? Acanthoscurria geniculata molted 2/22/19
  2. 0.1 Acanthoscurria geniculata

    0.1 Acanthoscurria geniculata

    Rogue munching.
  3. A. geniculata juvenile

    A. geniculata juvenile

    Buddy looking positively gorgeous
  4. Acanthoscurria Geniculata

    Acanthoscurria Geniculata

  5. A. Geniculata

    A. Geniculata

    1.5 inch DLS Anyone want to guess? I know its rather small and prolly have to wait for a molt. Thanks in advance!
  6. <3


  7. Acanthoscurria geniculata [2/2]

    Acanthoscurria geniculata [2/2]

    picture #2
  8. Acanthoscurria geniculata [1/2]

    Acanthoscurria geniculata [1/2]

    hopefully a better picture
  9. A geniculata 3 inch

    A geniculata 3 inch

    Me again :) Male or Female please?
  10. Geniculata


  11. Reunited (♂ Acanthoscurria geniculata 4")

    Reunited (♂ Acanthoscurria geniculata 4")

    Geez, the water dish was only gone for 10 minutes.
  12. A. Geniculata?

    A. Geniculata?

    This was sold to me as a Nhandu Chromatus when it was a 1/2 inch sling. Now that it is larger I’m fairly certain it is an A. Geniculata. Can anyone confirm?
  13. A. Genic Post Molt

    A. Genic Post Molt

    I know its a long shot just curious. However, i prefer spermatheca sexing the molt ripped in half. ( i need a better method even with soap n water, probably better tools). Anyways let me know if it is sexable or if i need to wait.
  14. Acanthoscurria geniculata

    Acanthoscurria geniculata

    Can you guys sex this one as well thanks
  15. 1.5 inch acanthoscurria geniculata

    1.5 inch acanthoscurria geniculata

    Might be too soon to tell but any guesses help
  16. 4" Acanthoscurria Geniculata

    4" Acanthoscurria Geniculata

    Male or Female?
  17. A. genic juvie

    A. genic juvie

    One of my newest additions, Ygritte. Stunning little booger. <3
  18. A. genic juvie

    A. genic juvie

    Ygritte looking stunning as ever. Those stripey legs though. <3
  19. Noms


    And here she is after snatching a grasshopper :'D
  20. Chilling on the moss

    Chilling on the moss

    My girl Mabel showing herself again more often