1. 20200330_021037.jpg


    Is my Damon medius gravid or are these unviable?
  2. Euphrynichus bacillifer

    Euphrynichus bacillifer

    Very freshly moulted.
  3. Phrynus whitei

    Phrynus whitei

  4. Phrynus marginemaculatus Dominican Repubulic

    Phrynus marginemaculatus Dominican Repubulic

  5. Phrynus decoratus (Cuba)

    Phrynus decoratus (Cuba)

  6. Phrynus barbadensis

    Phrynus barbadensis

  7. Taylor Swift scorpion carrying child

    Taylor Swift scorpion carrying child

    One of my dirty half-dozen tailless whip scorpions (Charinus pescotti) has some eggs under her abdomen.
  8. Phrynus whitei

    Phrynus whitei

    I don't make it a habit of handling these guys - despite being fairly tolerant, they can bolt at a pretty decent speed. I was just wanting to get a decent size comparison photo during rehousing.
  9. Phrynus decoratus (Cuba)

    Phrynus decoratus (Cuba)

    Amblypygi have different temperaments and feeding responses just like different tarantula species. While my Euphrynichus bacillifer is very shy about eating, and never does it in front of me, both my Phrynus attack their food within moments of me putting it in their enclosure.
  10. Phrynus barbadensis Juvenile

    Phrynus barbadensis Juvenile

    Freshly moulted and going in for the kill. I love watching them hunt - they even hunt pre-killed prey, which is what I always feed them.
  11. Phrynus decoratus (Cuba)

    Phrynus decoratus (Cuba)

    I obviously took too long with my photos, because my little tyke started grooming.
  12. Just Hangin' Out

    Just Hangin' Out

    Both of my Giant Tanzanian Whipspiders getting along :)
  13. Damen diadema

    Damen diadema

    Giant Tanzanian Whipspider
  14. IMG_4776


    Damon diadema after molting. Tried to capture the translucent blue legs with light shining through them
  15. Damon diadema exuvia

    Damon diadema exuvia

    Damon diadema exuvia
  16. Damon diadema

    Damon diadema

    Recently moulted sub-adult Damon diadema