whip spider

  1. Euphrynichus bacillifer

    Euphrynichus bacillifer

    Very freshly moulted.
  2. Phrynus whitei

    Phrynus whitei

  3. Phrynus marginemaculatus Dominican Repubulic

    Phrynus marginemaculatus Dominican Repubulic

  4. Phrynus decoratus (Cuba)

    Phrynus decoratus (Cuba)

  5. Phrynus barbadensis

    Phrynus barbadensis

  6. Damon medius babies

    Damon medius babies

    Fresh off the mother's back- can barely see her on the right side of picture. 12 days between hatch and first molt.
  7. Damon medius with young

    Damon medius with young

    Successful breeding results in noodles with peas. :)
  8. Taylor Swift scorpion carrying child

    Taylor Swift scorpion carrying child

    One of my dirty half-dozen tailless whip scorpions (Charinus pescotti) has some eggs under her abdomen.
  9. 20180810_161515


    Phrynus marginemaculatus with whiplings
  10. Paraphrynus carolynae

    Paraphrynus carolynae

    45 images stack. Better quality: https://www.flickr.com/photos/139453268@N07/39220980794/in/dateposted-public/