water dish

  1. Caught in the act

    Caught in the act

    E Camp messing with the water bowl again. She initially was caught carrying it with her fangs but couldn't get the pick in time. Almost like she's playing with it. Should get her a mini soccer ball
  2. All Hail the Mighty God of Water!

    All Hail the Mighty God of Water!

    Nhandu tripepii juvenile female threat posture when I filled her water dish.
  3. Oh My

    Oh My

    I so rarely get a threat posture from my gang, so I have to share. My juvenile Nhandu tripepii male communicating his displeasure with having his water dish replaced with a clean one.
  4. Grammostola porteri Adult Female

    Grammostola porteri Adult Female

    Yep, the struggle is real. It was far more difficult to clean that out than you might think.
  5. Seriously? Why?

    Seriously? Why?

    Of course, I heard and read about Ts turning their water dishes upside down, but it never happened to me... until now. *lol* That little dude/dudette obviously don't like its water dish with actual water in it.
  6. Nike, It Is Not A Pool! That Is For Drinking! Stop Putting Substrate In It!

    Nike, It Is Not A Pool! That Is For Drinking! Stop Putting Substrate In It!

    Ahh... the things we do for love...... new enclosure = new exploration, including repeat visits to the water dish. But not for drinking...... GO BE FOSSORIAL! CHECK OUT THE COOL BURROW I MADE FOR YOU INSTEAD OF SWIMMING! I swear, mine must be an arboreal, always on the move, always climbing.
  7. "Dis ma dish."

    "Dis ma dish."

    She's in premolt and hasn't been moving as much, but when times get tough, the dish will always be her sanctuary.
  8. Busted!


    I caught her in the process of filling her dish with substrate. She isn't sorry.