1. Centruroides vittatus communal

    Centruroides vittatus communal

    Congregation of a few of my vits on a piece of oak wood in a communal enclosure. Sorry for the fuzzy image.
  2. C. Vittatus

    C. Vittatus

    Feeding time.
  3. C. Vittatus

    C. Vittatus

    First feeding after caught in the wild.
  4. C. Vittatus

    C. Vittatus

    2 of my vittatus beginning the promenade a deux.
  5. Centruroides vittatus

    Centruroides vittatus

    One of my C. Vittatus that I caught wild at Lake Thunderbird, OK. I know have a colony of 11 started.
  6. Centruroides Vittatus

    Centruroides Vittatus

    Feeding Frenzy!
  7. C. Vittatus Sexing

    C. Vittatus Sexing

    A breeding pair of Striped Bark Scorpions
  8. C. vittatus (male)

    C. vittatus (male)

    cleaning after a kill
  9. Vitti males

    Vitti males

  10. vittis


  11. feeding


    only some gratuitous violence
  12. feeding


    a couple females having some din din
  13. feeding


    this should be self explanatory - the next step might be for mature audiences only...hahahaha
  14. Centruroides Vittatus

    Centruroides Vittatus

  15. Centruroides Vitattus Bunch

    Centruroides Vitattus Bunch

    One of them was lost :(
  16. C.Vitattus eating

    C.Vitattus eating

    Centruroides Vitattus eating a cricket.
  17. Centruroides vittatus

    Centruroides vittatus

    Mating picture
  18. Centruroides vittatus

    Centruroides vittatus

    4th instar, freshly molted