1. Caribena versicolor 2

    Caribena versicolor 2

    I am 90% sure it is a female. It has a 3in diagonal leg span.
  2. Caribena versicolor 1

    Caribena versicolor 1

    I am 90% sure it is a male. It has a 3+ inches diagonal leg span. What do you think?
  3. C. Versicolor Spiderling

    C. Versicolor Spiderling

    Has an awesome tube web system!
  4. Caribena versicolor

    Caribena versicolor

    Male or female??? He/ she is 1 year and a half old. Maybe he/she is big enough to tell now.
  5. C. Versicolor

    C. Versicolor

    It is roughly 3in dls, so is this picture good enough to see if we got a dude or a chick.
  6. Caribena versicolor

    Caribena versicolor

    One of my Caribena versicolor slings. I need one of these 2 to be female.
  7. Fresh Molt C. Versicolor!

    Fresh Molt C. Versicolor!

    Juvenile offspring confirmed female from Tom Moran and Fear Not Tarantulas molted 5-1-19.
  8. C. Versicolor Fresh Molt

    C. Versicolor Fresh Molt

    Safe to say we have a little girl? ♡♡♡
  9. Dine in

    Dine in

    This little girl eats off the tongs every time
  10. c. versicolor.......small

    c. versicolor.......small

    like the title says. she(hopefully) is still quite small. incredible webber and almost always eats off the tongs.....anyways im rambling niw. Thank you
  11. Just got this C. versicolor!

    Just got this C. versicolor!

    Very excited about this pretty little spider. Such amazing blue in person. I can't wait to watch the change over time! Just wanted to share. I have done a lot of research about these but any extra tips are always welcome.