1. Ephebopus Uatuman Appr. 3-3.5”

    Ephebopus Uatuman Appr. 3-3.5”

    So, I am assuming that this is a male, but I figured I’d get more opinions.
  2. Ephebopus uatuman

    Ephebopus uatuman

    was falling asleep last night and misspelled.
  3. Ephebopus uatuman

    Ephebopus uatuman

  4. Pretty sure it's female

    Pretty sure it's female

    No molts ever left to check
  5. Ephebopus Utaman

    Ephebopus Utaman

    This is the same one that the last pic got a comment saying it looked male. I raised the palp and saw nothing swollen or out of the ordinary
  6. Can't believe it let me

    Can't believe it let me

    Can't beleive this spider let me use a poker to raise its palp then held it there. Must still be in shock from rehouse a few minutes ago
  7. Rehouse 2

    Rehouse 2

    Ephebopus Utaman fenale
  8. Rehouse fun

    Rehouse fun

    Rehoused 2 of my adult Utamans today. They looked totally different than each other color wise. I was told that they must be females because of their size. I have 4 cb slings and they all have different colors on the abdoman. Some pink some green and some dark purple.
  9. Ephobopus uatuman sling

    Ephobopus uatuman sling

  10. Ephebopus uatuman

    Ephebopus uatuman

    1 of 4 captive born babies. I have two adult females also. Hoping to locate a mature male.
  11. Ephebopus uatuman

    Ephebopus uatuman

    Another awesome spider from Ruth at Mostly Reptiles. Hoping for a male to place with females. Fingers crossed
  12. Ephebopus uatuman

    Ephebopus uatuman

    E. uatuman sling about to enjoy juicy mealworm
  13. Ephebopus uatuman

    Ephebopus uatuman

    Just rehoused this little guy so decided to snap a quick pic before I never see her again haha all curled up but still beautiful
  14. Sold to me as a wild caught T. Stirmi

    Sold to me as a wild caught T. Stirmi

    I posted a pic of this girl in the sexing portion of the forum the other day and a kind person informed me this may not be a T. Stirmi. I couldn't figure out how to reply to my original post with a new picture in the comments so I am posting here.
  15. Ephebopus


    Ephebopus uatuman sling
  16. E. Uatuman Tree

    E. Uatuman Tree

    Gave in,my 2 ephos(uatuman and cyanognathus)want to live vertically,with a tunnel underneath.
  17. E. uatuman,"Oz".

    E. uatuman,"Oz".

    E. uatuman. Got a"breeder price" from a petstore on this guy. Beautiful,like my cyanognathus,but hides too much to enjoy,really I'd recommended all the ephobophus sp. for multiple T owners,rarely get to "spend time" with them.
  18. Ephebopus uatuman

    Ephebopus uatuman

    Ephebopus uatuman - adult female
  19. Ephebopus uatuman

    Ephebopus uatuman

    Ephebopus uatuman - subadult female
  20. Ephebopus uatuman  - defense position

    Ephebopus uatuman - defense position

    Subadult female E.uatuman in defense position .