1. Hadogenes troglodytes

    Hadogenes troglodytes

    I got this huge giant African flat rock scorpion at an expo, I don't know for sure if it's a troglodytes or some other species but I think it's a male Hadogenes troglodytes based on the size of this scorpion.
  2. Hadogenes Troglodytes

    Hadogenes Troglodytes

    Picture taken when cleaning the enclosure. Female Age unknown
  3. Hadogenes Troglodytes Female

    Hadogenes Troglodytes Female

    one of my flat rocks
  4. hadogenes troglodytes

    hadogenes troglodytes

    third instar hadogenes troglodytes
  5. Bacon 2

    Bacon 2

    3rd instar Hadogenes troglodytes
  6. Bacon 1

    Bacon 1

    3rd instar Hadogenes troglodytes.