trinidad olive tarantula

  1. 0.1 Neoholothele incei

    0.1 Neoholothele incei

    3" female.
  2. Incei


  3. 0.1 H. incei

    0.1 H. incei

    Not the best shot but still visible, approx 2-2.5” dls
  4. 0.1 N. incei

    0.1 N. incei

    Neoholothele incei mature female.
  5. Juvie N. incei

    Juvie N. incei

    lovely lil dudes
  6. Neoholothele incei, juvenile female

    Neoholothele incei, juvenile female

    Another dwarf beauty. Although she's very skittish and prone to run like hell hahahahaha
  7. Neoholothele incei Adult Female

    Neoholothele incei Adult Female

  8. Neoholothele incei

    Neoholothele incei

    She's a little blurry , and a bit chubby but she's still a beauty. I shall feed her a bit less, I just end up giving her pretty big Dubias for her size because she's so ferocious.
  9. Neo


    Always a delight to catch this one out <3
  10. Crazy Legs (♀ Neoholothele incei 2.5")

    Crazy Legs (♀ Neoholothele incei 2.5")

    She is very skittish, so the only photos I can ever get are through plastic.
  11. Neoholothele incei ‘Gold’ 2” Molt.

    Neoholothele incei ‘Gold’ 2” Molt.

    I’m pretty sure this is a female but just wanted to get other opinions to make sure. Thanks
  12. 0.1 N. incei gold

    0.1 N. incei gold

    Probably about 2” DLS But there weren't any legs left to measure so could be off a bit...
  13. Neoholothele incei het Gold 0,1

    Neoholothele incei het Gold 0,1

  14. Neoholothele incei Gold 0,1

    Neoholothele incei Gold 0,1

  15. 1.0 MM. N. incei #2

    1.0 MM. N. incei #2

    My second male finally matured and he is still fat which is a good sign for me. He's going to be gone soon after he hardens up.
  16. 0.1 Neoholothele incei

    0.1 Neoholothele incei

    Jade stuffing her face.
  17. Female Holothele incei

    Female Holothele incei

  18. N incei

    N incei

    Pretty sure I'm seeing lady bits on this one but would like a second opinion. DLS is 2.75 inches.
  19. Round 2?

    Round 2?

    Working on bulking Nugget up in the event she drops a second sac. She's already looking much rounder than I expected her to after only 3 meals.
  20. N. incei (gold)

    N. incei (gold)

    Proably 1.5” 60x Magnification I’m not seeing anything and i expect spermathicae would be quite noticeable at this size, so i’m thinking male.