trinidad dwarf tiger tarantula

  1. It appears to have passed.

    It appears to have passed.

    My first T loss in a long time. This one I rarely saw and she came out for a short bit but refused food. No death curl thought she may be molting but no movement in 48 hours. See the drop of liquid coming out?
  2. Dead or molting?

    Dead or molting?

    So I have had this beautiful C. elegans for some time now and she has always molted in a web tube under substrate. She was out the other day but took no food. Now hasn't moved for a few days and was just in place looking normal. Now like this for hours?
  3. It's alive!!

    It's alive!!

    I have not seen this one in many months and finally she is out and about on her own. I suspect she freshly molted. Unsexed C. elegans and a pretty one.
  4. 1.25" Cyriocosmus elegans [ventral sexing]

    1.25" Cyriocosmus elegans [ventral sexing]

    Changed the lighting so it was more visible but, any guesses?
  5. 0.1 C. elegans

    0.1 C. elegans

    1" Cyriocosmus elegans female.
  6. MM Cyriocosmus elegans takes a worm

    MM Cyriocosmus elegans takes a worm

    This guy has barely eaten since he matured in mid March (at around 11 months of age), but he chowed down on a mealworm in a den surrounded by wall paintings done in his own filth today. Ya know. Guy stuff.
  7. Cyriocosmus elegans Adult Female

    Cyriocosmus elegans Adult Female

    This is the first time I have seen her full body in a year. All I ever get a glimpse of is toes.
  8. Cyriocosmus elegans

    Cyriocosmus elegans

  9. 0.1 C. elegans

    0.1 C. elegans

    1.1” DLS Female
  10. 0.1 C. elegans

    0.1 C. elegans

    1.1875” DLS
  11. 0.1 C. elegans

    0.1 C. elegans

    1.25” DLS
  12. Showing her colors

    Showing her colors

    My little C. elegans looking good. She molted about a week ago and had her first post molt meal yesterday.
  13. 0.1 C. elegans

    0.1 C. elegans

    Molt is a whopping 1" DLS and looks like she is mature already. LOL So tiny.
  14. My baby Cyriocosmus elegans

    My baby Cyriocosmus elegans

    So smol, so cute.
  15. So small so awesome

    So small so awesome

    My C. elegans is small but surprisingly big attitude. I rehoused today and she gave me the cutest threat pose.
  16. 0.75" Cyriocosmus Leetzi

    0.75" Cyriocosmus Leetzi

    I think it's a male? The size now is around 1" after molting. But I have another c Leetzi at around the same size but it's already a mature male, this one is yet to "mature". But if it's a female, I'm guessing there should already be a flap since they are very small ts.
  17. C. elegans

    C. elegans

  18. C. elegans remodeling

    C. elegans remodeling

    My corpulent C. elegans did some remodeling over the weekend to allow its burrow to accommodate its ponderous bulk. I think it’s about 1.5 inches now.
  19. C.Elegans, M or F?

    C.Elegans, M or F?

    Thought it was female for a while but this looks male to me..? :(
  20. 0.1 Cyriocosmus elegans

    0.1 Cyriocosmus elegans

    My (kinda) freshly moulted, now confirmed female C. elegans. :D