toowoomba funnelweb spider

  1. Hadronyche infensa

    Hadronyche infensa

    H. infensa looking, not feeling, blue fresh from a molt.
  2. Hadronyche infensa lurking in the shadows

    Hadronyche infensa lurking in the shadows

    Hi guys so if you look closely at the picture, you should be able to see my hadronyche infensa (Scarlet) lurking in the darkness, building her lair.
  3. H.Infensa


    She peek
  4. Hadronyche Infensa AF

    Hadronyche Infensa AF

    Almost convinced she's melanistic, everything including her joints (which are normally white) is completely black.
  5. new Hadronyche Infensa setup

    new Hadronyche Infensa setup

    Special species gets an extra effort setup