1. Ungoliant is displeased

    Ungoliant is displeased

    80mm Hadronyche versuta
  2. Illawara wisharti

    Illawara wisharti

  3. Illawara wisharti

    Illawara wisharti

  4. Illawara wisharti

    Illawara wisharti

  5. Illawara wisharti

    Illawara wisharti

  6. Dolichothele diamantinensis

    Dolichothele diamantinensis

    Pissed off mature female
  7. Hadronyche nimoola

    Hadronyche nimoola

    New spood to my collection. I’m devastated that I lost my big H Versuta (80mm) after owning her for only 10 months but at that size, she was probably 15-20 years old (even more maybe?). I’ll miss her, she was a beautiful specimen!
  8. Phlogius Sp Eunice

    Phlogius Sp Eunice

    Female was not ready to pair last night. Male was drumming in the air for about 2 mins and she was about to charge at him but luckily I got my catch cup ready. Will attempt again in about a weeks-10 days time.
  9. Trapdoor threat display.

    Trapdoor threat display.

    Naww Golden Trapdoor species Euoplos "Grandis" is an inland form, still just as angry as the other GTs, they are all balls of pure rage and so darn quick to act. All my GTs make me nervous and can't help but think "yep, one day, you WILL bite me"
  10. Angry at its food

    Angry at its food

    My P. platyomma threw a nice threat pose. Offscreen is the horn caterpillar causing all this angst. Good meal for this one
  11. PMS (♀ Ceratogyrus marshalli 5")

    PMS (♀ Ceratogyrus marshalli 5")

    Miss Hissypants is suffering from pre-molt syndrome. As I filled her water dish, she unexpectedly lunged toward me and slapped my hand with surprising strength. She then held this threat pose for several minutes.
  12. Hissyfit (♀ Ceratogyrus marshalli 5")

    Hissyfit (♀ Ceratogyrus marshalli 5")

    Miss Hissypants refused to eat her roach, so it had to be retrieved from her lair so that it wouldn't bother her if she molted. She slapped the tongs repeatedly and even hissed a few times.
  13. A. Robustus the Sydney funnel web

    A. Robustus the Sydney funnel web

    Got my new Girl today shes easy just over 7cm leg span Very much going off her head lol I actually expected much smaller as seller said 5cm max....
  14. Versuta Get the **** away from me!

    Versuta Get the **** away from me!

    Cranky H. Versuta few days after i got her.. She got ticked off and killed the cricket and ripped a back leg off and then left it
  15. Selenotypus Goddess

    Selenotypus Goddess

    Hera’s happy to see me?
  16. Phlogius Eunice MM

    Phlogius Eunice MM

  17. One Angry T.... (6.75”-7.25” Suspect Female Chilobrachys andersoni “Dark Morph”)

    One Angry T.... (6.75”-7.25” Suspect Female Chilobrachys andersoni “Dark Morph”)

    Have you ever witnessed the wrath of an angry Chilobrachys? I know I have....
  18. Angry Boi

    Angry Boi

    This lil guy didn't seem to be too happy finding an intruder in his lair. Sidenote: Today was the first time i ever heard a T hiss and it was surprising coming from such a small sling. I think it may be in pre molt since it hasn't eaten for a while and never really shows this type of defensiveness
  19. Nhandu coloratovillosus Adult Female

    Nhandu coloratovillosus Adult Female

    This is the first time I have disturbed this girl in over a week since a got her and rehoused her. She didn't hold back on letting me know how she felt about it. Gotta love those touchy tropicals!