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  1. 0.1 T. stirmi Post Molt Feeding

    0.1 T. stirmi Post Molt Feeding

    Well she's ready to eat and just ate a dubia just fine. Still not sure if mature and is very close or past 8'', but not sure just yet.
  2. T. blondi Sling (At Last)

    T. blondi Sling (At Last)

    I vent sexed this as a male, so basically a suspect male. But a great completion to the Theraphosa genus and is a great eater as well. it took a while to get one at a good price.
  3. T. apophysis Sling Feeding

    T. apophysis Sling Feeding

    I really don't like posting pictures of slings, but they're exceptions when I love a sling a lot that I'll post a picture of them.
  4. T Stirmi Juvenile Female around 5 inch dls

    T Stirmi Juvenile Female around 5 inch dls

  5. T. Blondi 6”

    T. Blondi 6”

    Sold as a T. Blondi, hasn’t molted for me yet. Please let me know if you think it’s male or female.
  6. 0.1 T. stirmi Post-molt

    0.1 T. stirmi Post-molt

    She molted again only after 7 months, quite impressive indeed. Molt measured 7'' DLS.
  7. Worm destroyer

    Worm destroyer

    Sub-adult T. stirmi female at feeding time. (Crunch crunch)
  8. Theraphosa stirmi [ventral sexing]

    Theraphosa stirmi [ventral sexing]

    Having a hard time with this T. Stermi. Male or Female
  9. T Stirmi

    T Stirmi

    Pretty sure it's a female as it's 14cm now and still no sign of a dark triangle but would like to 100% verify.
  10. Theraphosa stirmi juvenile female

    Theraphosa stirmi juvenile female

  11. 3.5 inch Cb T. Stirmi

    3.5 inch Cb T. Stirmi

    I couldn't pass this "Girl" up . Atleast I hope its a girl, probably not knowing my luck. I have been on the lookout for a CB Stirmi for a long time and this one is already a year and a half in, sign me up.
  12. t blondi mm ready pairing

    t blondi mm ready pairing

    T blondi mm ready to go!
  13. pairing t blondi

    pairing t blondi

    T blondi ver paarung
  14. pairing t blondi

    pairing t blondi

    1st pairing t blondi (8th)molt female
  15. pairing t blondi

    pairing t blondi

    1st pairing t blondi 8molt female
  16. My first theraphosa!

    My first theraphosa!

    Theraphosa blondi sling
  17. Theraphosa blondi

    Theraphosa blondi

    T.blondi..waiting for the hornworm to drop.
  18. T Stirmi

    T Stirmi

    Recently moulted T Stirmi, around 5"+ Thanks pals!
  19. Theraphosa stirmi

    Theraphosa stirmi

    Juvenile female
  20. Juicy!


    3" hornworm as a treat today for the Stirmi. She's almost always ready to eat.