theraphosa stirmi

  1. Hello, Sunshine!

    Hello, Sunshine!

    Someone is cranky from jet-lag. 0.1 T. stirmi
  2. goliath birdeater tarantula

    goliath birdeater tarantula

    Massive goliath bird eater its taken down a small snake
  3. Theraphosa Stirmi

    Theraphosa Stirmi

    She’s getting big
  4. Theraphosa Stirmi

    Theraphosa Stirmi

    Freshly Molted Majesty
  5. Theraphosa Stirmi

    Theraphosa Stirmi

    She molts
  6. 1.0 T. stirmi

    1.0 T. stirmi

    About 8" DLS
  7. T.stirmi


    AF, roughly 9'' now in DLS...still under three years old.
  8. T. Stirmi

    T. Stirmi

    Need help guys!
  9. Theraphosa Stirmi

    Theraphosa Stirmi

    My girl Majesty is in premolt
  10. Theraphosa stirmi

    Theraphosa stirmi

  11. Male stirmi ? ( reuploaded)

    Male stirmi ? ( reuploaded)

  12. Calm for now

    Calm for now

    Hope it stays that way.
  13. T.stirmi


  14. Sold as Theraphosa blondi

    Sold as Theraphosa blondi

    Was sold to me as blondi at the Daytona show last weekend. Feels more like a stirmi to me. Trying to see if I should call the shop and complain or not. Either one is okay, but I really WANTED a blondi and pretty sure I paid blondi pricing for it too.
  15. Theraphosa Stirmi

    Theraphosa Stirmi

    Hey everyone, Sorry for the bad pic. I have a wild caught Theraphosa Stirmi that is roughly 3-4 inches in leg span at the moment. Does anyone have a rough idea of the sex?
  16. Theraphosa stirmi

    Theraphosa stirmi

    Theraphosa stirmi
  17. Stirmi enjoy tons of crickets

    Stirmi enjoy tons of crickets

  18. Theraphosa Stirmi

    Theraphosa Stirmi

    She’s chowing down on a huge wild caught black cricket right now so that should boost her into a molt soon hopefully
  19. Theraphosa Stirmi

    Theraphosa Stirmi

    I would say Lady Majesty is definitely ready for a change of clothes, I had a dehydration scare when I got back from vacation but with close care I got her back to her plump and healthy self, can’t wait to see her molt again
  20. That’s just unreal

    That’s just unreal

    Compared to my other T....