1. Astroman6400

    Possible Name Confusion??

    So I was wondering to anyone, take a look at Thrixopelma Lagunas and Homoeomma Sp. Blue. They look so similar, I can see slight differences but I was wondering is it possible we are identifying the Homoeomma improperly and it actually is in the Thrixopelma family???
  2. The T rack

    The T rack

    I had a busy day today. I rehoused my P. cambridgei and my X. immanis. Picked up a new shelving rack and organized my T collection. More room on the shelves means more T's.
  3. kamelspiders

    Kamel Spider's Photo Gallery

    0.1 Chilobrachys sp. "Black Satan" 1.0 Chilobrachys sp "Black Satan"
  4. Entrepulchranhandur

    The Addiction Corner

    Here it is. The Addiction Corner. You know what it's about. For when that unrelenting Need to turn the internet upon all your favorite online dealers, select all the spiders you want and need in your collection (the ones you can find, anyway).. and buy them. All. You buy ALL the spiders. Not...