tarantula enclosure


    Various type enclosures.

    P.metallica P.pulcher H.villosella Psued.sp.blue B.hamorii My enclosures for my little collection. Thanks for looking!🤙
  2. The T rack

    The T rack

    I had a busy day today. I rehoused my P. cambridgei and my X. immanis. Picked up a new shelving rack and organized my T collection. More room on the shelves means more T's.
  3. Pokie's paradise

    Pokie's paradise

    Enclosure was looking a little bare. Added some plants.
  4. Pokies


    Enclosures are Zoo Med Labs rand 12x12x18 Lights are Zoo Med Labs LED Reptisun terrarium hoods, they don't emit much heat and are on a 6 hr day schedule. Check out my Instagram @spooder_holic for more pics!