sydney funnelweb spider

  1. Atrax robustus

    Atrax robustus

    A picture of a beautiful brown juvie Sydney Funnel-web spider (A. robustus) to lift the spirits in these trying times.
  2. Atrax robustus

    Atrax robustus

    Female specimen, and very defensive even by funnelweb standards.
  3. Atrax robustus sling

    Atrax robustus sling

    Looking good at less than 10mm.
  4. Atrax robustus

    Atrax robustus

    This is the largest of the A. robustus trio that I collected yesterday. She is a beauty. Her abdomen seems darker than the other Sydney funnel-webs that I have of a similar size.
  5. Atrax Robustus juvenile

    Atrax Robustus juvenile

    Doomsday showing her death nectar. Unlike her sister Deathbringer, she has a very nasty temperament and will readily lunge at the air if you remove the lid when she comes outside for a drink
  6. Atrax robustus (×3) and a coffee

    Atrax robustus (×3) and a coffee

    After finishing the nightshift and running errands into the afternoon, I had enough time for a short jaunt through local bushland followed by a coffee, with some new found friends, prior to picking my youngest up from school. A trio of A. robustus mygs. Approx. 8mm, 15mm, and 20mm body length.
  7. Doomsday


    Atrax Robustus juvi.
  8. Doomsday (Atrax Robustus)

    Doomsday (Atrax Robustus)

    She's doing great, and even getting a red colour on her carapace which is kinda neat
  9. Atrax Robustus sling

    Atrax Robustus sling

    Last night I noticed something really odd. This A Robustus sling seems to have dropped a leg and is in the process of growing a new one?! The white dots in between her chelicerae, on her carapace and abdomen are also very alarming. I managed to dust one off and it moves! Mites or spring tails?
  10. A.Robustus


    Doomsday is still alive
  11. 0.1 Atrax Robustus

    0.1 Atrax Robustus

    Apocalypse, my large adult female
  12. Sydney-Funnel.exe has stopped working

    Sydney-Funnel.exe has stopped working

    Had this girl for months and she not even attempted to use the starter burrow let alone make her own, or even build a funnel. She's just webbed a bit behind some bark. Rehouse time has revealed her trickery
  13. 0.1 Atrax Robustus

    0.1 Atrax Robustus

    My new Sydney Funnelweb, Apocalypse. These make some of the best display spiders once they web up everything in a 10cm radius of the burrow
  14. Apocalypse - 0.1 Atrax Robustus

    Apocalypse - 0.1 Atrax Robustus

    My newest and second last funnelweb, her name is Apocalypse. For a funnelweb she is a decent size
  15. My little Deathbringer

    My little Deathbringer

    This literally the name of my A.Robustus. For the amount I mention these I only have 1 poor quality photo, so here is one of my 2 juvies. The males have an extremely high rate of envenomation with their bites, and 2 vials of antivenom are needed every 15 minutes depending on the symptoms
  16. The Darkness Beneathe (A.Robustus)

    The Darkness Beneathe (A.Robustus)

    A.Robustus female arkwardly hiding in spagnum moss with a morbid fear of small crickets
  17. The Deathbringer- Atrax Robustus

    The Deathbringer- Atrax Robustus

    One of only 2-3 species in Australia that has caused human deaths. the Atraxotoxin is 6x more concentrated in the venom of male specimens. Bites from all funnelweb species are treated with the antivenom of A.Robustus.