1. Fresh molt 00.00.05 L. quinquestriatus 3i

    Fresh molt 00.00.05 L. quinquestriatus 3i

  2. Scolopendra heros "Tiger Stripe"

    Scolopendra heros "Tiger Stripe"

  3. Hottentotta trilineatus

    Hottentotta trilineatus

    Tanzanian Three Striped Scorpion
  4. C. Vittatus

    C. Vittatus

    Feeding time.
  5. C. Vittatus

    C. Vittatus

    2 of my vittatus beginning the promenade a deux.
  6. Centruroides vittatus

    Centruroides vittatus

    One of my C. Vittatus that I caught wild at Lake Thunderbird, OK. I know have a colony of 11 started.
  7. Hoffmannius spinigerus

    Hoffmannius spinigerus

    Striped Tailed Scorpion
  8. Striped bark

    Striped bark

    I think the little guy bit of more than he can chew!
  9. what kind of species is this?

    what kind of species is this?

    The tarantula on the picture is about 15-16 years old. It may look like a aphonopelma seemanni, but the underside is completely black instead of orange, so that's why I'm asking you guys here.
  10. Acanthoscurria Geniculata Female

    Acanthoscurria Geniculata Female

    One of my favorite tarantula's
  11. H. Spinigerus

    H. Spinigerus

    Hoffmannius spinigerus adult female feeding.
  12. Striped Knee

    Striped Knee

  13. Brazilian Striped Leg

    Brazilian Striped Leg

  14. Nhandu Chromatus

    Nhandu Chromatus

    5" Nhandu chromatus (Brazil Striped Birdeater) feeding on adult male B. dubia.
  15. C. Vittatus Sexing

    C. Vittatus Sexing

    A breeding pair of Striped Bark Scorpions
  16. Centruroides Vittatus

    Centruroides Vittatus

  17. Lampropeltis getula californiae 0.0.1

    Lampropeltis getula californiae 0.0.1

    striped king snake
  18. Nhandu chromatus

    Nhandu chromatus

    White Striped Birdeater (Nhandu chromatus)