1. Poecilotheria striata [ventral sexing] [3/3]

    Poecilotheria striata [ventral sexing] [3/3]

    Poe striata, don’t know what sex
  2. Poecilotheria striata [ventral sexing] [1/3]

    Poecilotheria striata [ventral sexing] [1/3]

    Help sexing Poecilotheria striata
  3. Poecilotheria striata [ventral sexing] [2/3]

    Poecilotheria striata [ventral sexing] [2/3]

    Help sexing p striata?
  4. 1.1 Poecilotheria striata Breeding

    1.1 Poecilotheria striata Breeding

    The male went into her hide when she was outside, but then he got out and it was a breeze for the rest. I believe he got a good quick 3 second insert, but now we wait and see.
  5. 1.0 MM Poecilotheria striata

    1.0 MM Poecilotheria striata

    He looks amazing and probably one of the best looking MM pokie I've seen. It has a gray-brown color tone with hues of purple on the carapace and leg tips which is an amazing contrast. Now we wait for a sperm web before breeding.
  6. P. Striata 5"

    P. Striata 5"

    Pretty sure this poecilotheira striata one is male, but one of my friends said he thought female. So I'd better post here for those more experienced. Big thank you again for your help.
  7. Poecilotheria Striata, M or F?

    Poecilotheria Striata, M or F?

    Not really a good angle but this is my 4” Poecilotheria striata (overdue for a rehouse), I finally got her out in the open and got this picture. Any ideas if she’s a male or female?
  8. 1.0 Pen-Ultimate P. striata

    1.0 Pen-Ultimate P. striata

    He's one molt away then he'll be mature and after a sperm web, he'll be ready to meet my girl.
  9. 0.1 Poecilotheria striata Feeding

    0.1 Poecilotheria striata Feeding

    She's eating fine and now at a 7'' and soon my male will be ready to molt to MM. But this is the best I can get of her.
  10. 0.1 Poecilotheria striata

    0.1 Poecilotheria striata

    Was absolutely tickled pink after sexing her.
  11. Adult Female P. striata Molt

    Adult Female P. striata Molt

    6.5'' molt from my adult female P. striata. Now we wait for my Pen-ultimate male to molt to MM and we're ready to breed. Still waiting for a good chance to get a picture of her when she's out.
  12. Poecilotheria Striata

    Poecilotheria Striata

    This is a 3.5-4 inch T. Just wanted some clarification on what sex it is. I'm leaning more towards male. What are your opinions?
  13. Poecilotheria striata

    Poecilotheria striata

  14. P. striata

    P. striata

  15. Poecilotheria striata

    Poecilotheria striata

    Just a pokie.P.striata.
  16. P. striata

    P. striata

    This is P. striata and first time I've been able to get a clear photo of underside. Did rehouse tonight and we are out exploring. Was told a female, when purchased, via molt sexing. Just want to confirm what seller stated. Thanks!
  17. Purple pokie

    Purple pokie

    Guesses? Should be getting easy by now. ;)
  18. Poecilotheria striata

    Poecilotheria striata

    Purple does not equal Formosa
  19. 8 inch Pockie on the loose

    8 inch Pockie on the loose

    Em guys, I have a 8 inch pockie on the loose in my rest room. I put her original enclosure and water dish in there so she might to in there because it is more humid. I also placed 3 hides in there as well so she might stay in there when she ventures out at night. Are there other suggestions?
  20. P Striata ventral sexing

    P Striata ventral sexing

    I have a 3.5 inch juvenile P Striata. I want to know the sex so bad but I’m also bad at ventral sexing. I know sexing it by molt is May more accurate, but I don’t have a molt in hand now. I would be thankful if someone tell me the sex of my pockie and how ventral sexing strategy works. Thank you