straighthorned tarantula

  1. C. Marshalli Evil Little B

    C. Marshalli Evil Little B

    Evil Little B never comes out. Not only did she stay out after taken off the lid of her enclosure but she stayed out for pictures. Yep, must buy a lottery ticket because luck is abundant tonight.
  2. C. Marshall Evil Little B

    C. Marshall Evil Little B

    I feel that I should go buy a lottery ticket right now. Evil Little B is my second worst pet hole. I see legs sometimes but a full body shot... oh my... and she let me take pictures.. oh my again.
  3. C. marshalli

    C. marshalli

  4. C. darlingi/marshalli

    C. darlingi/marshalli

    I couldn't resist my newest love; an adult female sold to me as darlingi but...? Meet Sarah *10 points guess the name reference
  5. C. Marshalli sling

    C. Marshalli sling

    Just love his black legs
  6. C. Marshalli sling

    C. Marshalli sling

    Yes, I still see you.
  7. C. marshalli, 3.5”-4”, Horn View

    C. marshalli, 3.5”-4”, Horn View

    Posted a ventral pic earlier, apparently horns can be an indicator as well?
  8. C. marshalli, about 4”

    C. marshalli, about 4”

  9. Little devil

    Little devil

  10. <3


  11. C. Marshalli “Evil Little B”

    C. Marshalli “Evil Little B”

    Here is one that I haven’t seen in a while. She normally grabs her food and back in the hole she goes. Today Evil Little B stayed long enough for me to grab some not so great pictures but I was still happy.
  12. Ceratogyrus Marshalli sex by the horn?

    Ceratogyrus Marshalli sex by the horn?

    I have been reading that in this species, only the females develop the horn. I am working on my ventral sexing skills and I chose female after a few hours of looking at her/him. There is a massive horn presence too. Is it true about the horn? Was I correct on the ventral sex identification?
  13. C marshalli

    C marshalli

    3"+ C marshalli. What do you guys think? Male or female?
  14. C. marshalli

    C. marshalli

    One year after final moult, still very active.
  15. Rear horn baboon?

    Rear horn baboon?

    This girl was sold to me as a Ceratogyrus darlingi but her hat has always molted out straight? Or straight ish. Sometimes it has a bit of a wiggle to it, but never pointed backwards. What is the best way to tell horned species apart?
  16. Ceratogyrus sp?

    Ceratogyrus sp?

  17. Dat Horn (♀ Ceratogyrus marshalli)

    Dat Horn (♀ Ceratogyrus marshalli)

    This is the only time I've been able to take pictures of my pet hole since I got her in October 2017.
  18. Ceratogyrus Marshalli

    Ceratogyrus Marshalli

    Nikyta’s growing up, she’s 4.5” now and I bought her when she was just .5 inches back in February
  19. Ceratogyrus Marshalli

    Ceratogyrus Marshalli

    My girl Nikyta posing
  20. C marshalli/darlingi hybrid?

    C marshalli/darlingi hybrid?

    Last time it moulted it said male. But male marshallis dont have horns. Help