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  1. calommata sp. on embankment.

    calommata sp. on embankment.

    A purse web spiders face sticking out of its burrow.
  2. little hourglass trapdoor spider

    little hourglass trapdoor spider

    A little cyclocosmia sp. found on an embankment in a park.
  3. IMG_2152.jpeg


    heteropoda jugulans
  4. 5DDF2722-6B5C-4107-90B4-5B66B4FD9CE5.jpeg


    Mad Phidippus otiosus
  5. ID please?

    ID please?

    Can someone ID this spider? I found it on a meadow in Poland. It's pretty small.
  6. Dolomedes tenebrosus- gravid or not?

    Dolomedes tenebrosus- gravid or not?

    This is my female Dolomedes tenebrosus. She hasn't been accepting food, but has been getting fatter and fatter. Is she getting ready to molt or lay an egg sac? Thanks!
  7. Is this a brown recluse?

    Is this a brown recluse?

    I saw this spider and it looks like a brown recluse
  8. Happy International Jumping Spider Day!

    Happy International Jumping Spider Day!

  9. Office spider

    Office spider

    Minding my own business on the patio at work during lunch the other day when I felt something on me. It was this little guy.
  10. Hogna carolinensis?

    Hogna carolinensis?

    I got this for free a few weeks ago at an expo, but somehow I managed to miss that it appears to be a MM. I'm considering looking into breeding it if possible, but not without confirming the species.
  11. Ungoliant

    Found: a Lactating Spider

    Found: a Lactating Spider Jumping spiders suckle their young for longer than mice.
  12. Latrodectus hesperus

    Latrodectus hesperus

    This photo does not do her justice; she’s beautiful as a jewel. :)
  13. Pamphobeteus sp. solaris

    Pamphobeteus sp. solaris

    Looks to be in premolt...looking forward to seeing if I get lucky.
  14. Better/worse picture Widow

    Better/worse picture Widow

    This picture was taken with a professional camera, unfortunately I don't know how to operate it professionally, this is the best I could come up with, a.t.m.
  15. About 1/4 CM Brown Widow

    About 1/4 CM Brown Widow

  16. Brown widow? Texas widow plague

    Brown widow? Texas widow plague

    First widow I have come across since about a week ago. Latrodectus geometricus?
  17. Help Identify

    Help Identify

    I've never seen this kind of spider here around Vancouver, Washington, and I was wondering if someone on here could identify it for me? Please, and thank you
  18. Theridiidae


    One of my Theridiidae room mates looking out for me.
  19. MM Trapdoor Spider (Eucteniza)

    MM Trapdoor Spider (Eucteniza)

    I got a better photo of the handsome fellow. :)
  20. MM Trapdoor Spider (Eucteniza)

    MM Trapdoor Spider (Eucteniza)

    I found two of these handsome guys on the sidewalk today. Since I imagine it would be nigh impossible to find a female, I'll give them a roach snack and then release them to continue their search for love. ;)